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The high-handed way in which the administration swatted away European attempts to keep the Iran nuclear deal alive is in direct contradiction to Trump’s emollience toward Kim. No diplomatic capital has been invested in Tehran’s direction. Instead, Trump is burning up every shred of political capital he may still have with America’s allies on that front.

As one professional diplomat who played a key role in achieving the Iran deal observed recently, “Everything being done by the people who are now directing the administration’s Iran policy seems to be aimed at denying any possibility of a diplomatic alternative. Backing Iran into a corner means that they are likely to make a mistake, like overstepping in Syria or renewing their weapons program. Which could lead to war. That could well be what [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo and [National Security Adviser John] Bolton want.”

Granting Kim nuclear immunity will certainly stick in Pompeo and Bolton’s craws. But they will have already calculated that there is little choice but to accept it and try to make a good show of things in Singapore. Keep the president happy. But with Kim out of the way and the empty accolades for Trump’s peace-making collected, pushing Iran to the brink of war – and beyond – becomes that much easier.



A single-payer health care advocate in South Texas. A gun restriction supporter in Dallas. Cheerleaders in Arkansas and Iowa for public option health care.

Weeks into the primary season, Democrats’ midterm class is shaping up to test what liberal messages the party can sell to the moderate and GOP-leaning voters who will help determine control of the House after the November election.

It’s not one size fits all, with every candidate checking every box wanted by the activists driving the opposition to President Donald Trump and the GOP Congress, and Democratic voters typically aren’t tapping the most liberal choices in targeted districts. But, taken together, the crop of nominees is trending more liberal than many of the “Blue Dog” Democrats swept away in Republicans’ 2010 midterm romp.

That means voters now represented by a Republican will be asked to consider some or all of the mainstream Democratic priorities that may have been considered “too liberal” in the past: more government involvement in health insurance, tighter gun laws, a path to citizenship for people in the country illegally, reversing parts of the GOP tax law, support for LGBTQ rights.

To be clear, not every surviving candidate is a carbon copy of Bernie Sanders, the 2016 presidential candidate whose insurgent campaign emboldened the left with his calls for universal health insurance, a $15-hour minimum wage and tuition-free college. But the influence of Sanders’ inspired base is palpable, as winning nominees have adopted pieces, if not the whole, of an agenda that has become more typical within the party since it lost the House majority eight years ago.



The outcome of the election – Trump’s victory, widely perceived as a populist rejection of establishment politics – only increased the significance of the commission’s work, for soul-searching Democrats stung by bitter defeat. The commission’s consensus-drawn report, issued last December and endorsed by the Democratic party national chairman, Tom Perez, recommends that the number of superdelegates be reduced by 60%, and that state parties enact same-day voter registration and same-day party-switching. As an enforcement mechanism, state parties that don’t comply can be docked party convention delegates.

This summer, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will consider these and other recommendations. These deliberations could fundamentally reshape the Democratic party, and American politics, for many years to come.

A “yes” vote for the Commission’s recommendations would diffuse the power of the Democratic party establishment and open the party to more progressive ideas and candidates. In places like New York, this could empower the progressive wing of the party, combat party-sanctioned voter suppression, and bring much-needed new blood to local and state politics.


DNC considers blocking superdelegates from voting on first presidential ballot

every idea for curtailing superdelegate power has been angrily opposed by a rump of Democratic Party leaders. Bob Mulholland, a pugnacious former California party strategist and current DNC member, included reporters on an email he sent to the chairs of the Rules and Bylaws Committee and addressed to Perez and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), the DNC’s vice chair.

“The two of you are conspiring with Bernie Sanders to block Congress members John Lewis, Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee and the rest of the congressional delegation, Governors, State Party Chairs and the rest of us DNC Members from entering our Convention floor in 2020 as voters,” Mulholland wrote. “I don’t know if you will have paid thugs at the doorways to beat up Congressman Lewis and the rest of us or not.”

To emphasize his point, Mulholland attached a photo of police beating Lewis at the 1965 march for voting rights in Selma, Ala.

The idea that Tom Perez, or even Keith Ellison, is “conspiring” with Bernie Sanders is loco. Why does the DNC allow such a lunatic to be a member?


This was part of their third way discussion. When I heard third way, my antennae went up.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Trump attacks science – NY Times

My historian friend thinks this is a watershed article from the front page of Sunday’s NYT

In the Trump Administration, Science Is Unwelcome. So Is Advice.
As the president prepares for nuclear talks, he lacks a close adviser with nuclear expertise. It’s one example of a marginalization of science in shaping federal policy.

It is bad, bad, bad,…

But what I have learned from Bruno Latour is the Enlightenment several hundred years ago was set up as among other things to control religious wars in Europe. The three pillars were science, nation sates and secularism.

Secularism has never worked and the liberal state relation with the issue has been a source of contention all the time and we see it today in spades

Science has now lost its transcendent position. A FACT. Bruno Latour 40 years ago exposed the exhaulted position was not warranted

and nations states cannot hangle Gaia

so, religion, science and nations have to be brought back to earth

and we are earthbounds

in summary my friend is shocked at the assault on science which was one of the fundations of the US experiment but I have seen it underway for some time and see it in this larger perspective

sorry about typing errors


Somehow I missed this story…sorry if this is a dupe.

The title link inside the tweet will take you to the article without a paywall as it’s been a few days since the edition was released publicly.


Idiot clueless author. See the article a few posts above. Bernie may not be the next president, but Dems are certainly adopting his ideas everywhere.


Not sure I’ve ever seen such a robust pushback on an article before as I saw on this one yesterday!

For one thing, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, is a close friend and supporter of Hillary Clinton (and Lynn also sits on the Board of the McCain Insitute).

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Lady de Rothschild (born July 2, 1954) is an American-British businesswoman who is the chief executive officer of E.L. Rothschild, a holding company she owns with her third husband, Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, a member of the Rothschild family.[1]

The company manages investments in The Economist Group, owner of The Economist magazine, Congressional Quarterly and the Economist Intelligence UnitE.L. Rothschild LP, a leading independent wealth management firm in the United States, as well as real estate, agricultural and food interests.[2]


Nothing shouts ‘Inclusive’ quite like Prince Charles and Bill Clinton!

On June 22, 2011, she hosted a fundraiser for Jon Huntsman Jr.’s presidential campaign, an event originally planned to support Mitt Romney before she had a change of heart in the early summer of 2011.[11] In the summer of 2016, she hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.[12]

Rothschild co-chaired/founded the day-long Conference of Inclusive Capitalism in London on May 27, 2014,[13] with the aim of adjusting the working of the capitalist system to work for more people and included an opening address by Prince Charles and guest speaker Bill Clinton.[14] The second conference also took place in London on June 26, 2015


Here’s another reaction. I saw many, many, more:


It was anonymous! What crap!


More purging of voter rolls, this time in Ohio.


Another stolen seat decision that would have gone the other way.


Mixed feelings here. I despise fascist garbage like Alito, but I’m also sick of idiots who register, and then don’t vote. T and R, you all!!


Good tweet by Murphy. I wish weapons of death didn’t play such a large role in CT.


Shocking news all things considered, but I’ll take it!


oh wow, thanks, mags! I actually wrote up this case for a law book and am jazzed about this! yahoo! Still want to read the decision from the ninth circuit that the Supremes affirmed. Thank you and thank the deities!


Justice Dems really going out on a limb here!


From the article: “At a time when the party could use some fresh blood” What the party needs is fresh ideas—who cares about blood.


Of course if it’s Sunday


Rev. Barber is on fire lately! (More than usual)


nice icon, mags. 🙂


Billionaires are not exclusive to the republicans. Plenty of $wealthy$$$$$$$$$ democrats. Warren Buffet and George Soros. Even Al Gore. It goes the same way in both parties. I fear the uber wealthy because they have monetary leverage on politicians. Can you name a politician without ties to lobbyists or special interest groups? I can.

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