The TPW Help Desk

Contact the help desk for any one of the following issues:

Report a trolling issue

–If reporting a potential trolling issue, please include the person’s name and the title of the post in which the behavior took place. Admin will review the situation and nip it in the bud if we agree that it appears to be trolling, which includes behavior such as nasty, personal attacks, hijacking a thread, and deliberate escalation. Spats between long-term, well-respected members will not be considered trolling behavior.

Inability to sign in

Inability to comment

Any other “help” situation

TPW Help Desk contact email:

TPWHelpDesk @ gmail dot com


Media and General Site Questions

For Media Interview requests, general site questions, or to inquire as to why you haven’t yet heard back regarding the above TPW Help Desk request, please feel free to contact Liepar Destin at TheProgressiveWing @ gmail dot com.


Direct Private Message

You can also click on Messages and then do a search of members.  Enter LieparDestin into the search field and click on search. Then LD’s name will appear in your list.  Click on his name. At that point, near the top, a button will come up called Private Message. Click on that and you can send a direct private message to Liepar Destin with your concern.