For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: When will you go live?!

A: We are in our Alpha/Beta stage at the moment!

Q: I registered but did not get my password, wtf?!

A: WordPress has issues with some emails. Please email me @ theprogressivewing (at) gmail and I can have you up and going in no time.

Q: Can I post content, or just comments?!

A: If you want to post content, just post a comment asking for a change in rank and you shall be promoted!

Q: Can I track mojo, comments, etc?

A: You can track comments in your profile, via the ‘activity menu’, you can select the toolbar to reflect comments, posts, etc.  There is no ‘direct correlation between likes/dislikes and any action taken towards your profile or your standard on the site. Dislikes are for disagreement (and must be followed up on with a reply as to why). Dislike abuse will result in action of some sort!

Q: How long until you do this full time?

A: I plan on doing BNR’s through at least DC. Depending on how things play out…. will determine when I get over here full time.

Q: Where do my donations go?!

A: To domain registration and widgets, and spam-bot filterting, and news-site subscriptions. After that everything is being saved up to hire an expert to handle all this hard stuff for me!


Add An Image

Q: How do I post an article, and how do I get an image in it?

A: To post an article you have to be an author. If you are not an author.. contact me. Once you are an author at the top of your screen should be a +NEW tab, in which you can select ‘NEW POST’. There are several different formatting options so you can format like dk5, or in html.. its up to you.  To add an image to the top of your post, (and to size it accordingly) use this button in the article creator menu.

Q: What are notifications?

A: Notifications are a way to alert a user to a new post, or content they may be interested in. To notify a user use their @name. Most people’s @name is their username, but it can vary due to their settings. The easiest way to find a members notification handle is to visit the members page: and view the handle next to their avatar:


Q: How do I sort comments? sorting

A: At the top of the comments screen is an option to sort by new/old/rating/etc

Q: Is there a limit on what I can post?

A:  No! We want to build community, and promote progressives. As long as you are doing one of those… you are doing just fine!

Q: How does the upvote/downvote system work?

A: The Trending Topics list is based off of total votes (that includes likes/dislikes). Dislikes/Likes have no impact outside of the readers opinion towards a post. If you think a post should not make the ‘trending topics list’ the best action you can take is to not vote one way or another.