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Good reminder. I’d bet that most of us do things in our daily lives to RRR (reduce, reuse, recycle). And we almost got a guy in that would reduce the MIC footprint.

Until we rein in the MIC and transition to clean energy, I don’t see any turning back of the climate chaos. I’m sort of detaching and just accepting what i cannot change.

Our “leaders” exhibit some sort of weird denial that we seem incapable of denting.


Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up with the acronyms! @polarbear4, what’s the meaning of MIC? I’m guessing something-something-climate…?


I guess there’s too much money in it… too much money that goes to lobbyists and campaigns, a la Citizens United. I’m continually surprised that more desert places aren’t creating solar energy farms.

I was surprised a couple of years ago, when traveling to Atlanta, to see that there was no effort to recycle waste. I guess everything there just goes into the landfill? (Anyone from Georgia or elsewhere here who can correct me, please do.)

In the early seventies, some of my buddies and I were volunteers on the very first recycling drive in Sonoma County, California — when it was all volunteer. We went door-to-door in our community telling people about the benefits of recycling. It was newspaper recycling only at that point, and people had to string-tie their stacks of newspapers into bundles, and bring them once a month to the collection spot. We helped the fellow who was getting this started, and he would take everything and turn it in. Eventually it all became commercialized, and has been part of garbage collection for decades now — so I was surprised to see that wasn’t true yet in some parts of this country. I wonder, why the heck not?

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