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Unfortunately it will likely fall on deaf ears. Remember Hillary touted fracking in the not so recent past. There is still money to be made from fossil fuels and her rich contributors are fully aware of this.


At least they’re keeping it in the public eye, and those communities they are fighting fracking will maybe get some consolation.


Bernie continues to tweet about the dangers of fracking:


It’s only going to get more challenging, now that Clinton’s running mate, is for off-shore drilling and fracking. Advocacy group 350 says the choice is troubling.

From Common Dreams:

Specifically on the issues of climate change and fossil fuels, director of the advocacy group 350 Action May Boeve also agreed the choice was troubling.

“Tim Kaine won’t energize the climate base, so it’s up to Hillary to start staking out some clearer positions,” Boeve said in a statement. “Kaine was with us on Keystone XL, but against us on offshore drilling and fracking. This November, climate activists, young people, and progressives will turn up at the polls for candidates who say the magic words, ‘keep it in the ground.’ If Democrats want to drive turnout, it’s time to come out more clearly against drilling, fracking, and new fossil fuel infrastructure.”

Star Strider

It gets worse. We’re now going to be fracking in the National Parks. I got this from the ‘Western Values Project’ a couple days ago:’

Great news for Utahns and all Westerners as a landmark land management plan for Moab draws closer to implementation.

Today, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) completed their Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Moab Master Leasing Plan (MLP) in Utah. This initiative is the result of a collaborative community effort that allows for sensible oil and gas development while protecting public lands and a robust outdoor recreation economy.

Take a moment to thank Interior Secretary Sally Jewell for her efforts and let her know that you support commonsense plans like the Moab MLP.

Public lands are crucial to southern Utah’s economy. Last year, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks generated $262 million in economic impact. A balanced plan for Moab will protect these amazing places and economic engines for generations to come.

More importantly, this smart-from-the-start land use plan that will protect Moab’s lands and economy is a model for public lands across the nation. Allowing a wide range of stakeholders to share concerns and develop solutions brings communities together in the name of doing what’s right for our shared national treasures, our public lands.

Thank Interior Secretary Sally Jewell for her leadership and let her know that Westerners support these community-based solutions that protect our public lands and grow our economies.

Thank you for your support.

Western Values Project

Instead of thanking Jewell, I sent WVP a scathing letter that any fossil fuel development anywhere is a regressive idea that has no place in any energy plan. The earthquakes that accompany fracking will destroy Arches and Canyonlands and everywhere else it is allowed. It’s going to destroy the planet. I’m staying subscribed because I want to know what these people are up to.


NOOOO! This is horrible.


Thanx for sharing… I didn’t know anything about any of that. And I think I will send Sally Jewel a message, albeit not a thank you.