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I thought Clinton had taken care of this. Didn’t she make some point during the primaries about sending her people there? Didn’t she get the mayor’s endorsement? Is it possible something is happening behind the scenes that we don’t know about? Sigh.


Notice who continued to address the issue after MI voted…nothing more to see here, move along now


I so appreciated how Bernie brought out how communities in California couldn’t drink their water, either. Whether the water is poisoned by tracking or pesticides or both, no one was addressing it. And if you can’t drink it, you sure shouldn’t be bathing in it or cooking with it.



Looks like things are not going too smoothly replacing the Lead Pipes…this article is from May24th.

“Work on replacing lead service lines for Flint homes has been halted until city officials complete the process to secure bids for infrastructure replacement.”
Four months have passed and they’re still dinking around.

Be sure to check out the comments section from MI residents, its’ an eye-opener 🙁


March 4th Flint Mayor Weaver finally began the kick-off to replace the lead pipes leading into the first home


…and yes, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver endorsed HRC Jan 19th. The May 24th article had comments regarding a possible inappropriate use by Weaver of funds…how much of that is true I don’t know.

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Thank you for the update, @grapevines. It’s nuts that these people have had to go through this, and that the whole process has taken so interminably long.


Its’ just heart breaking. This whole thing has been a snafu from day one. I can’t get over that Flint’s public schools don’t qualify for funds to have the lead pipes replaced going into their buildings.

The reasoning behind that is that they already have a budget & should use their budget funds to have them replaced. Hello!! Aren’t those the same schools that are so old/inadequate and dilapidated that classrooms have black mold growing up the walls and water seeping from the ceilings…

I just get so sad when I think Bernie’s plans to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, while creating thousands of jobs, will just be swept under the table. I can’t see Clinton advancing that agenda.

I’m so glad Liepar has done an article/post about Flint, because the MSM sure has forgotten it.

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Is Rachel Maddow no longer continuing to cover it, @grapevines?
I haven’t watched her since she began toeing MSNBC’s Hillary-supporting line. I was so disappointed, because I very much appreciated her analysis of issues, and I used to listen to her on the radio way back. Before the conversion, she did an amazing job of calling attention to Flint and bringing it to public consciousness.


I’m in the same boat about Maddow…I don’t watch her anymore either…such a shame really. I just can’t take the HRC echo chamber.
Who would have thought she’s the same person now as she was when she brought the Flint Crises to the Nations attention.

I’d love to see her do a follow-up on the Flint story and what hasn’t been accomplished so far.

…but something tells me if it doesn’t shed a favorable light on Clinton, that’s not going to happen.


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