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Good am LD/JD. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed Father’s Day. I read a couple of interesting articles. You might like them.

We may get our true Fourth Estate back via Cyberspace.


Native Americans and their eternal common sense approach to basics like eating and taking care of Gaia. 🙂

Hope this finds all the TPW krewe well and staying cool. We’ve survived another week w/o thermonuclear war.


Yes, but with ‘friends’ like this, I hope we can continue to avoid nuclear war!

Progressives Denounce Democratic Senators for Trying to Keep Trump on a ‘Permanent War Footing’ in Korea

After the president revealed he wants to eventually bring home troops stationed in South Korea, Democrats introduced a bill that aims to prevent him from doing so

“Why, exactly, do we need a bill to ensure we have troops in South Korea at all times, even as the two Koreas seem closer to reconciliation than ever before?”

That’s the question progressives are posing in response to legislation from Democratic Sens. Chris Murphy (Conn.) and Tammy Duckworth (Ill.) that aims to scale back President Donald Trump’s ability to withdraw American troops from the Korean Peninsula.


I don’t know why Murphy would ‘go there’ but he just squandered any prog cred he had due to his stance on Yemen.

Bye bye presidential hopes!


If she doesn’t win this time, I’d bet that she will next time!!

Praise for Progressive ‘Torchbearer’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Takedown of ‘Career Politician’ Joe Crowley

“The contrast between them couldn’t be more stark and Crowley seems scared. She’s fierce.”

Those who tuned in to the debate, which was aired locally on television, commented on the “passion that [Ocasio-Cortez] showed on every issue,” concluding, “You can tell she’s experienced these problems first hand and deeply wants to fight for change.”

Attached pic from the CommonDreams.org piece (a very good piece btw)-they caught him with his eyes closed!

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