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A few days ago I dared any R to show up as a poll worker during Wi’s Tuesdays election. Well Vos did. He helped count votes in Burlington Wi which is one of the most affluent areas in WI. Take a look on how he was geared up for PPE as were all the poll workers in his district. A vast majority of Wi poll workers had no such PPE other that masks (some didn’t have those even) plastic shields to sit behind and hand sanitizer. Vos looks like hes going into Hospital shift, he just counted and verified votes with no direct contact with voters. A classic case of the affluent vs the rest of us. With that PPE no wonder why he felt safe





Seems fitting


I literally just logged on to share that tweet.


We Lost the Battle, but We’ll Win the War

I have no love for Hillary Clinton. But when she said “nobody likes” Bernie, what she was actually saying was, when it comes to who’s in power, there is no Sanders wing of the party. And she’s right.

Rep. Barbara Lee, who was at the small 2014 dinner in which Sanders first plotted his run for the presidency, endorsed Kamala Harris early on. Rep. Raul Grijalva, who backed Sanders in 2016, went for Warren this time. And Warren, who Sanders publicly begged to run in 2015, not only failed once again to endorse his campaign but even went as far as to quasi-#MeToo him on a public stage. Then, after suspending her own campaign, she stayed quiet — except for an MSNBC interview about the viciousness of Sanders’s supporters.

And those were his friends in the party.

In other words, there is a left wing of Democratic voters — a thriving one, in fact. But there is no actual left wing of the Democratic Party in office.


Nancy Pelosi has them under her thumb that is why it is extremely important to get behing Shahid Buttar.


Does he even have a chance tho?? sorry to be pessimistic


Well the Republicans hate Pelosi and there are only dems on the ballot. I am not exactly sure how the district breaks down that way.


It is the second most Dem district in California. Clinton beat Trump there 86-9. She has won every election with at least 80% of the vote. Buttar seems like a good guy but unfortunately has no chance against Pelosi.


He has a slight chance. Pelosi is rich, and her RE deals with hubby have raised a few eyebrows in her district. The second slight chance is she has hit her expiration date, 80 y.o. and it shows.


Terrific read. Thanks!