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Glad to see that Soros threw his support behind him.

Andrew Gillum Becomes First African-American Nominee For Florida Governor

We may have a real shot here.

Yet while DeSantis’ love for and from Trump clearly helped him against Putnam in the Republican primary, it may wind up hurting him in the November election against Gillum. Trump is not popular with many independents and even some moderate Republicans. Democrat Margaret Good defeated the son of sitting Republican congressman Vern Buchanan in a special election for a state House seat in Sarasota earlier this year, even though the district leans solidly Republican.



The stunning victory of Andrew Gillum in the Florida Democratic gubernatorial primary sets up a test for one of the left’s biggest propositions: That the most potent weapon against Trumpism lies in combining an unflinching vow to roll back President Trump’s inhumane and incompetently executed ethno-nationalist agenda with unabashed progressive economics — including the promise of health care that is truly universal, as a matter of right.

The general election will pit Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, an African American with a working-class background, against GOP nominee Ron DeSantis, one of the most slavish, worshipful and virulent Trumpists in the country, which means this race will carry important implications for the 2020 presidential race as well.

Gillum defeated his more moderate primary opponent on a platform that includes Medicare for All, abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in its current form, a $15-per-hour minimum wage, and corporate tax hikes to fund education.

Gillum does represent a test of sorts. As Crooked Media’s excellent podcast series on the Democratic Party details, a big question for many liberals is whether a new popular majority can be built in a diversifying country by combining a refusal to back off a robust defense of minority rights in the face of Trump’s white identity politics with a kind of pragmatic progressive populist economics that promises more inclusive prosperity for all. The idea is to energize core Democratic constituencies and to win over white voters who are now alienated by both the xenophobic nationalism and the corrupt plutocracy of Trumpism.

It’s early days, but Gillum’s candidacy — which already showed a capacity to energize those Democratic constituencies, and will now play out in a big, diverse swing state — is already taking on those echoes. And if Gillum can pull it off, you can bet that 2020 Democrats will be taking some big lessons from it.


This is the narrative to set up for Gillum. And we should be retweeting that too.


Praise the lord. And now we have to make sure the vote is so overwhelming that any shenanigans FAIL. #illbedonatingtothisone


says please fill out the required fields but they’re all filled out.

haha i had the link from the msnbc vid here but not only did it not post, it disappeared! so you’re a step ahead of me. 🙂


Media Continues Writing Premature Obituaries for the Democratic Left
When one takes a historical look at socialism in the United States, Sanders’ insurgency seems to be
doing remarkably well.

But rather than comparing coverage of the Sanders wing of the Democratic Party to that given the successful but heavily astroturfed Tea Party, a more apt contrast might be to the way media have dealt with the large-scale electoral failures of the establishment wing of the Democratic Party. The Obama-led Democratic Party leadership has been largely spared media scrutiny of its electoral record, despite losing more offices in Obama’s two terms than any president since Eisenhower, including 69 House seats, 14 Senate seats and nine governorships, not to mention losing a whopping 968 state legislature seats, the most of any two-term president. Many pundits in the corporate media actually rushed to defend Obama’s tenure, insisting that it’s normal for two-term presidents to lose governorships and congressional seats for their party–which is true, though Obama set records for such losses.

When one takes a historical look at socialism in the United States, Sanders’ insurgency seems to be doing remarkably well: The previous high point of socialism in the United States was perhaps the early 20th century, when the US elected two Socialist Party congressmembers in 1910 and 1917, and socialist Eugene V. Debs garnered 6 percent of the popular vote in the 1912 presidential election. In the wake of the Red Scare crackdowns that followed both world wars, the US socialist movement has hardly sniffed political power during the Cold War, and has been pretty much nonexistent on the national level over the past 30 years, save Bernie Sanders and former DSA vice chair Ron Dellums, who represented Berkeley in the House of Representatives from 1971–1998


Some examples of articles–i had no idea how much fear the media is pushing and it scares me that they are convincing some of the voters that we need.

“Democratic Socialism Is Dem Doom” (New York Times, 7/6/18)
“Venezuela’s Inflation Will Hit 1 Million Percent. Thanks, Socialism.” (Washington Post, 7/27/18)
“Democrats Embracing Socialism Is Dangerous for America” (The Hill, 8/12/18)
“Bernie Sanders and the Misery of Socialism” (Wall Street Journal, 6/25/18)
“Sorry, Democratic Socialists—You’re Still Pushing Poison” (New York Post, 8/5/18)
“They Call Themselves Socialists, but They Don’t Know the Meaning of the Word” (Miami Herald, 7/26/18)
“It’s the Spoiled Children of America Who Are Drawn to Socialism” (Chicago Tribune, 7/26/18)
“Democratic Socialism Threatens Minorities” (The Atlantic, 8/9/18)
“Democratic Socialism: Who Knew That ‘Free’ Could Cost So Much?” (Investor’s Business Daily, 8/8/18)
“Socialism Returns: An Old Adversary” (Commentary, 8/14/18)
“Democratic Socialism Breaks the Bank” (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/16/18)

i love “Democratic Socialism Threatens Minorities” (The Atlantic, 8/9/18). hahahaha!

Lots of the affordability canard.

Whether left-leaning Democrats fall flat in the midterms or not, their ideas have persuaded America that socialism is a legitimate and popular political movement, and will likely be a strong voting bloc in the next Congress. Whether corporate media choose to acknowledge its relevance or continue its fear-mongering remains to be see


Don midwest
Don midwest

on The Intercept


as someone pointed out in the comments, why the word “insurgent”

these are just good old American positions


That’s for sure. Gillum ironically will help old man Nelson over the finish line against Sick Rott.


Finally! Someone from the neolib global government comes out and says what all these nations are doing. A shame, though, too, bc we need real advocates like him in the system.

‘I Don’t Want to Lie to Myself Anymore’: Calling Macron’s Timid Steps on Climate Inadequate, French Environment Minister Resigns in Protest

“We strive to maintain an economic model that is responsible for all these climatic disorders,” charged Hulot, who has been described one of the public’s favorite cabinet members and “France’s best-known environmentalist” as the former host of a television program.

“Have we starting to reduce the use of pesticides? The answer is no. Have we started to stop the erosion of biodiversity, the answer is no,” he continued. “We’re taking little steps, and France is doing a lot more than other countries, but are little steps enough? …The answer is no.

Macron’s first year in office “has proven that he is…an old-fashioned, right-leaning neoliberal determined to overhaul France’s hard-won social model under the guise of modernism and emancipation.”

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