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The most valuable item I have is my vote. This young man will get it in August. T and R, LD/JD!!


I was hoping I’d get to hear your take on the supposed controversy orlbucfan.

Gil Ziffer, local Dems call on Andrew Gillum to stop Graham attack ads

Gwen Graham quickly responded Thursday to a television advertisement criticizing her congressional record by a group supporting Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum. The Collective PAC in a $700,000 broadcast and cable ad says “Graham is not the progressive she claims to be.”

I can’t help but wonder if Graham and her supporters are doing a lot of bluster to exaggerate and maybe even distract? Maybe even from her record as the Gillum camp suggested?

I mean, instead of making a big deal about the ad, couldn’t she just take the opportunity to brag about her record in rebuttal?

Oh crap, now that site just went payment only on me. Here’s another link:

The spot criticizes Graham, a former Congresswoman from Tallahassee, for not being liberal enough to be governor.

“Gwen Graham says she is the progressive Democrat for governor,” the ad says. “But while in Congress she voted against President Obama 52 percent of the time. Graham trashed Obamacare. Voted with the big banks. And she voted for the Keystone XL pipeline – twice. Graham stood with Republican leaders over President Obama and Florida Democrats. Gwen Graham is not the progressive she claims to be,” A narrator says in the ad, which was paid for by Collective SuperPAC.

Graham’s attorney Mark Herron issued a cease and desist letter to television stations planning to air the spot Thursday.

“The advertisement falsely implies that Graham voted to repeal the ACA by saying ‘Graham Trashed Obamacare’ when the facts are clear that she voted in support of it,” Herron wrote.

Wait, Graham voted for the Keystone pipeline??

I don’t know enough about either of them yet, but I do think that Gillum sounds like he handled it (the so-called controvery) pretty well, while Graham..a cease and desist letter? Bad form, imo.

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