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Of course the DSCC is supporting John Hickenlooper.


Former Gov. John Hickenlooper’s ethics hearing is still on track for June 4, just weeks before he will appear on the ballot for the Democratic primary election in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race.

Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission ruled Wednesday that Hickenlooper would get a fair hearing over video teleconference, just as he would in person. The commission also rejected Hickenlooper’s request to submit written comments instead of participating in a live hearing.

The hearing could be delayed if Hickenlooper’s accusers agree to make a joint request, but they indicated in an interview on Wednesday they don’t plan to do that.

The ethics complaint, filed by the recently formed nonprofit Public Trust Institute, alleges that Hickenlooper improperly accepted free air travel from friends and supporters, a charge that he has denied.

The matter was supposed to be heard in March, but the schedule was scrambled by the emergence of COVID-19. The ethics commission instead scheduled a video teleconference hearing for June.


One of the great things about these candidate spotlights is that it makes it very easy for me to link to material to inform people about these great people. Thanks again, and keep up the great work.