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Go, Anthony!! We need your voice in Congress to champion rebuilding local economies in rural America that sustain people and the planet.


Great news that Anthony is running!!!!
Thanks, LD.
Anthony is extremely intelligent and knowledgable.
We couldn’t have a better candidate to represent sustainability and fairness for working people.


When people tout the incremental approach, a transition as Anthony calls it, I’m often suspicious, maybe because that seems to be used to resist change oftentimes.

But, when Anthony talks about transition, it sounds genuine, and doable, and as though it’s coming from a left perspective, in a “let’s start the process towards ______ now!” kind of way.

And because he’s so “intelligent and knowledgable”, I get the impression that he could make the transition happen. He’s obviously given it all a lot of thought!

The one false note for me in this post was the “public and private investment” part, but again, maybe because that approach seems to have often been used as a back door to privatization and/or a way for businesses to leave the people ‘holding the bag’ if the project fails.

But I’d like to think that Anthony has thought out, and mapped out, a way to implement public-private partnerships that would be fair to, and ultimately benefit, both parties equally.

Much success to you Anthony Flaccavento!!

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