HomeBernie SandersAs Sanders Fights To End Fracking It Is Discovered EPA Officials Covered Up Toxic Findings
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Megan Crane

“The critical failure causes the instrument to under-report methane emissions “up to 100-fold,” the organization wrote.”

I wonder if this instrument is used everywhere fracking is done? Have all methane emissions from fracking been under-reported by 100- fold?

Pretty horrible news. I hope the platform gets tons of pressure to go big on climate change initiatives. It’s imperative that something be done immediately. Like Sanders said, Climate change needs to be treated like WWIII.


I would say that I hope this report adds fuel to the fire to ban fracking, but I think that’s maybe in bad taste?


It sounds entirely appropriate too me. I’m also glad the Platform Hearing Committee is discussing “keeping it in the ground”.

“when it became aware that the very inventor of the Bacharach Hi-Flow Sampler, an engineer named Touché Howard, had been attempting to blow the whistle for years on the crucial instrument’s malfunctioning.”…this part just blows my mind..I wonder if Dr. David Allen will be held legally accountable.

I don’t think fracking would have even been brought up if Bill McKibben hadn’t been included on the committee or the TPP trade deal in yesterdays hearing without Dr. West asking about it. Even then it was just skimmed over, with no other discussion.

I don’t believe the HRC people are going too go for a fracking moratorium or stopping all new fossil fuel leases on public lands. She has major campaign donors linked to the oil and gas industry. We’ll see, maybe she’ll go against the interest of her donor base.

The completed Platform will be very telling.


The platform matters…until it doesn’t. From 2008 platform:

We will work with Canada and Mexico to amend the North American Free Trade Agreement so that it works better for all three North American countries.



Maybe she’ll go against the interest of her donor base.

Oh, that’s a good one. Pigs will fly first.


I was attempting to find the timing of Dr. David Allens leadership of EPA’s Science Advisory Board. I came up with this.


It looks like he did a heck of a job! It reminds me of Brownie and New Orleans.


Interesting that they feel that there will soon be a mega-earthquake and tsunami on the Cascade Subduction Zone – enough to be holding evacuation exercises, and yet they want to do offshore fracking on the west coast?!?!?

Leave it in the ground. Fracking sux.

Megan Crane

Can’t you just say the coast of Washington and Oregon..making me go look up the Cascadia Subduction Zone. 😉


Regulation doesn’t work for some things because the regulators get captured by the industries they regulate. Fracking and Wall Street are two good examples. That’s why you need to ban fracking and break up the big banks instead of relying on regulators to do their jobs.


Why don’t they realise that destroying the earth will affect even the wealthiest of people and their children. The ruthless greed is beyond my understanding.

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