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Ellen North
Ellen North

We knew increases in this ‘more hard-nosed'(thick-headed) sort of thing – and the acceleration of the war against the world – was coming, with Hillary. Being braced for it doesn’t help all that much, though.

Big funders just can’t wait for more profitable slaughter in other people’s countries…


Actually, I’m with Trump on this one. I think we should work WITH Russia to resolve the issue. Assad is probably a heartless monster. However, if you look at how many countries have collapsed into total chaos after forced – or even natural – regime change, the prospect is scary.

The one country, now countries, I have personal experience with is the former Jugoslavia. We vacationed there a lot while we were in Germany. Wonderful country with friendly people. After Tito died, chaos ensued, and civil war in some parts. Tito was a strongman, a dictator, but he held things together and kept internecine strife to a minimum.

You cannot expect people in far-flung places with very different cultures to instantly adopt the US model. That is foolish. Some cultures/people may not want US-style democracy. Or they are not equipped to participate in it. (Sometimes I wonder about our own culture/people.)

Saddam was an asshole of the first water. But, under him, Iraq was relatively stable and for most people, life wasn’t all that bad. I would much rather have lived in Saddam’s Iraq as our dear allies’ Saudi Arabia. Or Khadafy’s Libya, for that matter. We deposed them and had them executed for “war crimes”. Yet, our own leaders, abetted by the Saudis (who also abet the terrorists), killed far more innocent civilians than Saddam, Khadafy and Assad put together.

We need to engage the leadership of Syria and Russia to attain some sort of peace and establish order. Every country in the region that falls into total chaos brings more terrorists to the surface. And we are kidding ourselves if we think we are arming a moderate resistance. Obviously, our “State” department isn’t interested in diplomacy, but rather in a permanent state of war.

Star Strider

Many months ago, I read an article in The Nation about an interview with a young member of ISIS (ISIL, Daesh). One quote, that I paraphrase because I don’t remember his exact words, was: under Saddam, the Iraqis were starving, but they had peace. Now they’re starving and they have civil war. The one line I remember exactly was the last line in the quote: ‘I hate the Americans.’

We did the Iraqis — and the world — a real favor.

IMO, everyone who voted to go to war in Iraq is a charter member of ISIL, and equally responsible for everything ISIL has or will ever do.


1) Clinton Official Tried To Provoke War w/Iraq October 1997.
Without Hesitation by General (Ret.) Hugh Shelton–Audiobook Excerpt (start at 1 minute mark)

2) The Young Turks also discussed Gen. Hugh Shelton’s claims about Iraq.

3) General Wesley Clark on Democracy Now:
Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five Years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran


This really needs to get on the evening news. Thanks.

Jacquelynn Booth
Jacquelynn Booth

PB, you’re right. But an honest report will never happen. You understand fundraising.


Wow. I agree with polarbear4 — more people need to know about this.


The only thing that comes to my head is OY! The State Department should change its name to “Warmongers Incorporated”.I somewhere tonight That John Kerry was supportive of the State Department comments cant remember exactly where I saw it due to TOO MUCH SURFING.

Megan Crane

What a mess.

Our direct support of Saudi Arabia in their perpetration of war crimes on the civilian population of Yemen will make us have to deal with this very soon.


Jacquelynn Booth
Jacquelynn Booth

I’ve been highly concerned since Obama hired 1 or 2 private companies to remove nuclear payloads from “old” missiles, and repackage the nuclear bomb core in 2 newly designed bomb housings. Most is being done somewhere in TX. You know the military always has to try out new weapons, and apparently these have only been trialed on computer, or a seismic or radiation level would have been recorded somewhere. We really don’t need to fight with Russia, either directly or by proxy.


When the Democrats nominate a corrupt warmonger who sold her office to enrich herself, they will be known as the party of corruption and warmongering.