HomeRegionalAsiaAs Trump ponders a coup in Venezuela, report says 165 military coups since ’70 involved DoD trainees
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T & R, Subir! Let’s try fixing our own country for a change (but not with a militarized solution).


I know that they are modest but let’s give the DoD a bit of credit for direct military involvement.


A chronology of US military interventions from Vietnam to the Balkans.

It is quite a list ( too many to show) but it leaves out many of the more recent engagements.


Seems like an appropriate place to add these Jimmy Dore videos.

They are certainly worth viewing if you have the time.


Ah yes, the United States, the great humanitarian.

Gee, I wonder why TPTB care so much about average Venezuelans and not those in China/Tibet, Burundi, Turkmenistan, and so many other countries?

Does it have anything to do with Venezuela having the largest oil reserves in the world and them not playing along with the big oil companies?

Thanks for the info Subir!

I didn’t know about Gambia.


oops! wrong thread. Reposted elsewhere.