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Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Thanks Subir. Another informative article. I stopped donating to the dem establishment years ago. And they continue to get worse.

Don midwest
Don midwest

asking a question to anyone who stops by

are the dems worse or have the conditions changed and now we see them for what they have been at least since Clinton took the party to the oligarchs


After the DNC/ HRC Leak. For me that’s what open my eyes.


Both. 😡


Agree. It’s both parties. It’s the old saying “he who has the gold rules.” If you donate to a party committee, an organization, a pac/super pac They Are deciding how Your Money is being spent. Are they going to make the same choices you would? No, Nancy Pelosi & Cheri Busto’s aren’t going to make the same choices I make. Also, even if they did, politician A is going to be beholden to them, not to you the constituent. Since the early 2000s I decided that I’m going to donate straight to politicians, no middle man.


I’m with you pb, both.

Dem establishment appears to be becoming even more entrenched to me, feels a bit like a last gasp, a last stand.

I mean, the DNC threw in the kitchen sink for Hillary in 2016, even funneling local money up to her, starving the foundation of the party. There’s wasn’t much gas left in the tank after that. Was reckless.

Now they’re feeling a bit desperate-they’re wounded and then there’s the challenge coming from their left flank.

Don midwest
Don midwest

The 2016 primary brought out the crimes of the Clinton’s that had not realized

Since Trump won, the establishment democrats continue to show who they work for and their efforts to protect what they have

Taibbi: On Russiagate and Our Refusal to Face Why Trump Won
Faulty coverage of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign later made foreign espionage a more plausible explanation for his ascent to power



Thanks. I hope people continue to discuss this until the DCCC can no longer behave this way.


THe DCCC should dissolve or start from scratch with new leadership with a good number of progressives


The DCCCrapola have been around for too many years. They are just as bad as the FRightwingnut GOPukes. T and R, Subir!!


Let’s be real. The DCCC is going to exist. And it’s going to be run by the Democratic House Leadership. Pelosi is not going to commit political suicide by getting rid of it. She’s not going to commit political suicide by handing it to progressives. It is up to Us To vote Out the ancien regime and vote In progressives. Once we have enough progressives in the House then it will change. Not until. The political revolution is a marathon, not a sprint.


I’m so glad Pressley spoke out!

Re: that awful Lipinski, I followed that primary very closely on twitter and Lipinski had at least one professional smear-meister working for him. I eventually called the troll out because I got so tired of him smearing Newman on every thread she was mentioned in. I went to his account to look at his tweets/replies and he literally used the account to only do his best to cast doubt on and castigate Newman. Was so crooked!

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