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Bernie referenced the article below after this statement:

“The Republicans control the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate, and the White House. They have got to govern. They have to pass an annual budget. We cannot continue running a government on one month continuing resolutions. We need a bipartisan solution to the economic crises facing the middle class, to the DACA crisis that Trump created and to disaster relief.”


Due to the lack of long-term funding for the military, Graham said he could not support the proposed funding legislation.

“I’m not going to vote for a CR, you’re destroying the military,” Graham said.

Defense hawks, including Graham and Sen. John McCain, have long been critical of using CRs to fund the government. These members believe it leaves the military with no stability and maintains lower levels of funding than what is needed to operate effectively.

The government has been operating under a series of short-term CRs since September.

Graham’s defection is concerning for Republicans, who not only need the support of all Republican senators but also 10 Democrats in the chamber to avoid a filibuster and pass the bill if McCain is not available due to his health.

Given strong opposition among Democrats to any funding bill without a DACA solution, getting enough members to come across the aisle was already going to be an uphill climb, increasing the number nee


Defense hawks, including Graham and Sen. John McCain, have long been critical of using CRs to fund the government. These members believe it leaves the military with no stability and maintains lower levels of funding than what is needed to operate effectively.
“the military with no stability.” Are they kidding? The MICC has been driving this country into the ground$$$$$$$$$$$$ for decades! They can’t keep track of all the coin they steal? SMDH! T and R, LD!!


Democrats can block the funding bill if 41 of their 49-member caucus opposes it, since Republicans need at least nine more votes.

So here’s the breakdown: 28 Democrats currently in the Senate, along with independent but Democrat-leaning Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, opposed government funding without a DACA provision in late December.

Okay, so probably 29 we can count on, but….

7 Senate Democrats running for reelection this year in red states (Indiana’s Joe Donnelly, North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, Missouri’s Claire McCaskill, Florida’s Bill Nelson, Michigan’s Debbie Stabenow and Montana’s Jon Tester) voted for government funding in late December without a DACA measure.

No surprise there I suppose…unfortunately.

That leaves 13 wild cards. Liberal activists need at least 12 of these members to oppose the spending bill if it does not address DACA.

What will the newbies do?

Two Senate Democrats have not voted on this issue before: Alabama’s newly elected Doug Jones, who is not up for reelection till 2020, and Minnesota’s Tina Smith, who was appointed to replace Al Franken and must win a special election this November to keep her seat. These are two difficult votes for the liberal side

Hey Tina! Maybe if you act like an actual Democrat you will win November’s race as a…Democrat! I have no idea what Jones will do.

That leaves eleven others.

But I suspect that many in this group of 11 — Udall has said as much — simply do not like the idea of government shutdowns, even in service of Democratic goals.

No one ‘likes’ the idea of government shutdown! That’s why the threat of it is a potent weapon. Grrrr


From Salon but link won’t show up


On Tuesday House Republican leaders presented a one-month spending bill to their party in the hope that it would at least temporarily avert a shutdown, according to The New York Times. The bill would continue to fund government programs at their current spending levels and extend CHIP, a popular health insurance program for children, while delaying several Affordable Care Act taxes.

Although President Donald Trump supports that plan, House conservatives said on Tuesday that there were enough Republican votes against a stopgap measure to potentially scuttle it.


I think this is the one?

Republicans may want Americans to believe that the impending government shutdown on Friday is due to Democratic intransigence, but the real problem has been the GOP’s inability to get its own house in order.

There is a stopgap measure intended to delay a shutdown by one month — but it may be blocked by GOP hardliners.


House Speaker Paul Ryan has struggled with balancing the wishes of Democrats, who have insisted that some protection be given to DACA recipients in return for their support of a spending bill, and Republicans who are not only split on the issue of Dreamers’ fate but don’t want to concede to Democrats

“don’t want to concede to Democrats”

Republicans NEVER want to “concede” anything to Democrats. They are not reasonable people. But they know how to get their way.

Edit: wow! I see what you mean jcitybone. Why won’t the link post? So weird. Don’t they want us to share their articles?


I think I have had the same problem with Salon articles before.