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Perhaps she can tell lies as good as Trump with a straight face!

Don midwest
Don midwest

The Joker

I posted a review of the movie by Michael Moore who saw it as a critique of neo liberalism and our system. Because of his review I went to the movie.

I was not able to square my experience with what he wrote. Leipar saw it and was not so impressed and he commented that the level of violence was about the same as main stream TV.

Here is another view of the movie

‘Joker’ Continues Warner Bros. and DC Comics Attack on Left

The new Joker film is an ideological powerhouse of deeply reactionary proportions. It is a picture that sings hosannas to the glories of the 1%, tells us that Blue Lives Matter, and argues that political movements like Occupy and the Black Radical Tradition that have gained momentum in the past decade will lead to nothing less than utter bedlam. Joaquin Phoenix plays the titular anti-hero with aplomb and zest but acts as a stand-in for caricatured radical Left politics.

Since I don’t follow the right wing press, I was not aware of how they spin this movie nor other DC comics movies


I won’t waste my time on a piece of corporate celluloid trash like that movie. More fancy makeup, special effects and psycho glorification. The best Batman movie IMO was the one where Jack Nicholson played the Joker. Michael Keaton played the title character and it was worth watching.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Barr none. Barr hanging on to God. Barr something

Also note: this guy's boss happens to be an entertainer in the entertainment industry that, he says, has wrought organized destruction. https://t.co/pWPaypODI6

— emptywheel (@emptywheel) October 12, 2019

1 minute of how people like us are destroying decency and the country

Don midwest
Don midwest

For those of us troubled with Obama

The Obamanauts:
What is the defining achievement of Barack Obama?

Corey Robin reviews 4 books by the fan club.

I sent an email to him and he actually replied and thanked me for the information.

I sent him Lambert’s rhetorical review of Obama’s speech at the kickoff of The Hamilton Project, the neo liberal effort at the Brookings institute. Obama thanked Bob Rubin which puts his work with him back to 2005. In what way was he the Manchurian Candidate?

In any case here is Lambert’s rhetorical review of the 2006 speech


Like Hillary, globalization is the engine of history and “this is not a bloodless process” to bring about the glorious future.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Matt Taibbi is one of those skeptical of the Ukraine whistleblowers.

Real whistleblowers were immediately charged under the espionage act and faced life in prison.

Is this a deep state coup?

We’re in a permanent coup:
Americans might soon wish they just waited to vote their way out of the Trump era

Yes there has been a coup, but not sure yet if this is the main one, or one of several. Or if the CIA is actually behind the whistleblower leak.

Taibbi has taken a lot of flack for this position but I continue to trust him and he lived in Russia for several years.


T and R, mags!! 🙂 I was putting back all the stuff stored in the house that we had to take out before termite tenting. Man, that is an expensive and royal PITA. I looked in one of the plastic bags, and there were a bunch of 45s (records) in it. They were so old they didn’t have covers/sleeves. So, hubby ordered sleeves and I pulled out a few and cleaned them. Once they dry, I’ll play them to see what shape they’re in. I hope they are playable as there are some classic tunes in that pile. Wish me luck. 🙂


Done, would be curious as to what you found.


Some classics but a lot of cornball I liked as a kid. LOL.


Would Warren care cover this?


I doubt it.


This is a perfect way to differentiate himself from Warren without attacking her. She is proud to be a capitalist.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said in a new interview that a major difference between him and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is Warren’s support of capitalism.

In an interview airing Sunday with ABC’s Jon Karl, Sanders struck a stronger tone in distancing himself from Warren’s views on economic policy than he has in previous months, and again asserted that he was the strongest candidate to take on entrenched, powerful corporations and special interest groups in Washington.

“There are differences between Elizabeth and myself,” Sanders said, referring to Warren. “Elizabeth, I think, as you know, has said that she is a capitalist through her bones. I’m not.”

“I am, I believe, the only candidate who’s going to say to the ruling class of this country, ‘Enough. Enough with your greed, and with your corruption. We need real change in this country,’ ” Sanders added.


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