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Great resource, thank-you very much Subir!

Not only the tallying and your estimates, but the other information on schedule, delegates and type of contest. Bookmarking!


Well done Subir the below part is the key part to me–us against the Dem PTB

“Bernie’s road to the Democratic presidential nomination is a hard one. It’s likely harder than the general election contest would be for him. The institutional levers of the Democratic party are controlled by people who see Sanders as a threat to their power and control of the party. These individuals and institutions will not easily release their grip on the institution.
The odds are stacked against Bernie. When the media isn’t ignoring Bernie, they ricochet between skepticism and outright scorn. Billionaires are funneling money into super-pacs supporting Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden. As if that wasn’t enough, two billionaires are running in the primary and another awaits in the general. Bloomberg has virtually limitless funding and is carpet-bombing TV stations in super Tuesday states. Several candidates have the funding to stay in the race till super Tuesday, potentially reducing the number of delegates we can win on that day.”


T and R, Subir!!


Adding my thanks, Subir!

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

This is great Subir. Thanks. Looking forward to following this.


I don’t think TX is a closed primary. You can vote in any party’s primary, but you can only vote in the same party’s primary during that calendar year, i.e. if you vote in the Democratic party primary and there is a runoff later on in the Republican primary you cannot vote in it. The next year you can vote in the Republican primary if you choose,etc. I am not registered in any party, but have voted in the Democratic primary.


Thanks for the informative post Subir. I printed out your list to use as a reference.


Hi, good to see ya, Humphrey!


Right back at you.😁 Although I have been lurking. You have been doing excellent work during my absence.


Thank you Subir! A daunting task.

I’m still trying to learn how it all works, but if a candidate drops out before the convention does that ‘free’ up any delegates won by that candidate up til that point?

Ben Brown
Ben Brown

I wondered the same thing. There are going to be a lot of candidates that only pick up a few delegates here and there. Butti being one of them. All of his opponents combined might keep him from an outright win, but none of them will have many each. So if Bernie is near 2000 and any. one of his opponents that is sitting on 50-100 delegates instructs their delegates to switch, can they?

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