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Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

T and R Subir, thanks for coming back.


Tip jar for Subir’s uplifting post!


It was very uplifting for me. And a kind of closure.

The Clintons may still have money to throw around, but their influence is waning.


I saw this image at WotB.

I mean, who could like this guy? from WayOfTheBern




Excellent Diary. Thanks, subir.



Great poll! SUSA has not been the most Bernie friendly pollster.

And thanks Subir for the great diary. Eyes on the prize


It’s that very old and very wise saying in action: don’t get mad, get even! 🙂

Elena Carlena

Wonderful, subir! Thanks! Greetings, TPW! I am with those who think that Hillary actually may have helped Bernie. Nothing brings out supporters like dissing them!

Elena Carlena

Thanks, subir! Well stated. I personally think Hillary helped Bernie. Nothing brings out the base like dissing them! No Bernie supporters are likely to stay away from the primary now. And hello, TPW!

Elena Carlena

Whoops! It acted like it had erased that first comment.


T and R, Subir!! Welcome back.


thanks, Subir! i wish Hillary would find her version of a higher power and devote the rest of her time serving others, like on a food line.

i wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t in some way involved in the Warren disaster.

i will do my best to ignore her, but dang, a docu on hulu? let’s hope that everyone sees it as tragic farce.

you are right, though, she is a petty, grifting loser.


Balm to my soul to hear this today. Especially after the bruising suffered earlier this week.

Thanks again for your excellent post yesterday Benny! Superb


Thank you Subir! Wow.

Can any of you remember a single one of Hillary Clinton’s well-thought out plans or proposals?

Right now all I can really recall is a certain amount of talk about ‘public-private partnerships’. That sort of talk was her comfort zone.

Thanks for helping me to keep my eye on the important stuff Subir!

Elena Carlena

I remember something like, “We will never, ever get Medicare for All”. Then moving to Bernie’s position when it was politically advantageous for her. The day we have M4A, I’m tweeting her “Never, ever”.

p gorden lippy
p gorden lippy


No one liked Hillary, but millions love Bernie. How many people in ’16 said, “I’ll hold me nose and vote for Hillary.” And then there were the (millions of?) others who simply could not overlook her hawkishness, triangulation, Wall St. connections, and soooooo many lies. Irony to have her calling him out.

And you’re spot on with the policy points. I mean, “I’m with her”?????? What does that even mean?

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