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Star Strider

Since I sincerely believe that Bernie is going to be the one running on that platform — not she-who-must-not-be-named — Bernie has every reason to push for his entire agenda to be the platform in 2016 and (slightly revised to reflect interim successes and a changing world) in 2020 as well.

Toby Ziegler
Toby Ziegler

If Bernie cannot get a strong and serious commitment to opposing the TPP, from high level Democrats including Clinton, he should run third party.

Political ‘unity’ is small potatoes when the very ability of people to govern themselves not to mention the well being of this planet is at stake. The Democrats need to stop doling out endless platitudes for the sake of squeezing out every last vote from the nursing homes and stand up for the working people and the young people and the poor people in this country that they once represented. Because those lower class people represent the vast majority of the citizens in this country and this world.


yes. i still don’t truly understand these Dems thinking and feeling process. do they even think of the Founding Fathers? i know they weren’t perfect, but they would be horrified by the TPP.

do they eagerly anticipate giving over protection of each other to yuuuge corporations? what future do they envision for their grandchildren? do they really want their lives to be so segregated from the lives of most every other animal on the planet?

when a Syrian is blown to bits, when an Indian farmer commits suicide, when a vet returns with part of her brain gone, when a polar bear drowns for lack of an iceberg in a storm, do they just flick it off their shoulder?

WTFrack are they thinking and feeling?!?


Yes, they DO just blow us – and the planet – off. As long as they have what they want (or think they need) in the moment, they don’t care about any of the rest of us, now or in the future. Perhaps they think if WE all die off, they can have the planet to themselves.

Star Strider

My impression is that the Dems are defending the TPP because it’s Obummer’s Second Term Major Accomplishment and they don’t want to ‘embarrass’ him by opposing it. Such ‘loyalty’ to that sell-out of the Democratic party’s true constituency (as much as Wall Street would like to believe that it truly is), is completely misplaced, seeing that the TPP does a disastrous disservice to the ‘99%’.

It’s time to relegate Obummer to the past — the ACA was a terrific opportunity largely squandered on needless compromise — admit that the TPP is a disaster and defeat it, and look to the future instead of protecting Obummer’s ‘legacy’. If the Dems don’t ‘get’ that, they deserve to lose.


Though I made a similar comment in another diary just a minute ago, I think its worth repeating here since it directly relates to this topic.

Many think the platform is meaningless and holds no weight, but I ask you to consider if this is true, then why is Bernie trying so hard to bend the platform?

I think he is testing the waters for us to see if its worth trying to take back the party or pursue other options and the fact the party is so resistant to many elements like fracking and TPP gives the impression they take the platform more serious than some might think. One way or another I think Bernie will let us know if we should give a party take over a full throttled attemp or if its a waste of time.

What I do know is if Bernie thought the party was a lost cause and the platform was meaningless, he wouldn’t be spending his political capital as he currently is.


While I certainly think Bernie stands behind the values that are represented in the platform thus far, I also think he is buying time. As long as Democrats hold out on things like opposing the TPP and fracking, Bernie can hold out on endorsing Clinton. At the same time, he exposes the party’s hypocrisy. Bernie needs to get to the convention, or at least past the FBI report, before endorsing her. Pushing for platform improvements is a productive way to drag his feet and see what July brings.


I think your assessment about exposing the party’s hypocrisy is correct..not only does it do that..but it makes for a more public review of the issues…also makes some of the party Congress Critters rethink what they’re actually signing on too with the TPP. Do they really want to be seen as another Bill Clinton with NAFTA? They have elections coming up.

….and now with Trump blaring out on the airwaves and in papers anti-TPP rhetoric it only adds too the megaphone message…”the Democratic Party doesn’t care about the working families and farmers of America.”

I think there are still people in the party, older ones for sure, that remember when the Platform actually meant something and was used as a blueprint for all campaigns. This was before some advisor convinced Bill Clinton that the Platform should just be used as a PR stunt and he should just follow his own agenda. That’s when it lost its’ clout.

Returning the Party Platform to its’ original place is another way Bernie is reforming the party.


that was persuasive, grapevines. Bernie has been trying to restore integrity to a party that has had all honor and soul sucked out of it. Makes sense that he would try to restore the meaning of the platform as well. In a Sanders administration there would be no such thing as “that’s just a piece of paper.” Bernie is the anti-cynic.


Bernie is the most disciplined messager I’ve ever seen in politics. What he wants in the platform are, quite simply, the ideas that will fuel the political revolution.

We’re past primary season, getting ready for a convention and then campaigns this fall, as important down ballot as on the national stage, or maybe even more so. Insiders say platforms don’t matter, and so they don’t to people who are in it to make bargains and win power for power’s sake.

Bernie spent the last year explaining and demystifying and detoxifying and popularizing the progressive ideas that can save our country and our planet, Of course he’s going to keep pushing them in every forum; it’s what he’s done all his life.

Yes, a platform is only a piece of paper. But pieces of paper can change history, as we are reminded tomorrow. It’s the most concrete thing we can do, right now, to ensure solidarity at the convention for progressives and to push our agenda forward.


Love that determination, esp. on the TPP, my focus.


Sign Robert Reich’s Petition: Tell the Dem Platform Committee to opppose the TPP!


Thanks for this

Ellen North
Ellen North

Nobody can have any ‘right’ to give away/sell/trade the The People’s inherent and entailed right of democracy and self-protective domestic law in any country – this cannot be regarded as binding on the people and countries to be literally sold as chattel through the betrayal of public servants in the TPP and other Trojan Horses labelled as ‘trade deals’, to serve hostile self-interests wishing to freely use and abuse the rest of the world to its outright destruction for their own short-term profiteering.

To hear involved interests/PR claiming that any such treacherous privately made agreement to dispossess and effectively enslave the populations of whole countries would be ‘legal and binding’ on the countries and people so betrayed when so clearly not only unConstitutional in any democracy but utterly destructive of life around the globe in the very near future proves them so far beyond insane that the mind boggles.

We’ve seen what happens in smaller areas around the globe where the people and environment of various countries/areas have no protections from the depredations of corporate greed…

To have corporations and billionaires directly making ‘law’ to suit themselves and their maximized profits at all cost to the public and environment, with the public interest entirely shut out of their off-shored law courts, is merely the final step in the global destruction of the very concept of democracy and in draining the last drops of blood from the life support system of life itself.

And if the people of industrialized nations accept this, government in all democracies will be nothing more than management for corporate/billionaire interests and none of this ‘election’ pretense will be needed any more. Neither will human concerns or the lives of most of the people living on the planet – just the maximized profits for the very few and whichever fungible servants they may feel they might need at the time.

These self-appointed tyrants lack even the vaguest personal survival ability, something from which even actually ‘having it all’ cannot save them, extreme wealth and sycophancy having likely created their mental disorders in the first place. And stopping the TPP in the US now stops it everywhere, at least for now.

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