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Mornin’ birdies,
I did not watch the rally last night. Instead, I was watching a Bernie Sanders-like event at a friends house: the Final 4 game between Texas Tech and Michigan State. No one expected TTU to win given the experience of the Spartans (MSU). It was like t”he little engine that could”, and despite lots of fouls, some bad calls, and some injuries sustained by the starters, the Red Raiders stepped up and won by ten points, 61-51. Nonetheless the friends who hosted our watching party weren’t too happy with the results. I’m probably one of the 20 people in my town who was rooting for the Red Raiders as everyone else was for MSU as it is a Big Ten team.

It was like watching Bernie win Michigan in 2016.

I had a friendly $5 wager with a friend who works at MSU and I won my bet. I’ll use it to donate to Bernie’s campaign!

#TTU #SemiFinalChamps #FinalFour #TexasTech #RedRaiders #Wreck’Em

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