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180 people at $2800 apiece doesn’t come close to $500,000 so there must have been plenty of bundling


A fundraiser for former Vice President Joe Biden Monday night at the Manhattan townhouse of hedge fund billionaire Jim Chanos. was met with angry protests, as demonstrators brandished signs and shouted class-warfare barbs at attendees, many of them Wall Street executives and real estate barons.

But inside Chanos’ swanky digs, it was all peace, love and lots of money.

The fundraiser, attended by a bipartisan crowd of 180 people, was a wild success, having raised in excess of $500,000, FOX Business has learned. The draw, while still being counted Tuesday afternoon, is said to be a record for a single candidate at a Manhattan residence fundraiser, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter.


Not crazy about Western Stars, but it sure beats listening to…*him*. 🙂 Speaking of Springsteen (who I generally like a lot), I have never figured out why he was all for Clinton and never even mentioned Bernie. That always struck me as jarring, given his lyrics’ message overall.


Very surprising. I did not know that.


This paragraph might be a clue (even celebrities can suffer from celebrity worship):

In August of 2015 Springsteen showed up at a special sneak preview of Bill Murray’s new movie Rock the Kasbah. The real buzz surrounded the afterwards party at the Blue Parrot Bar and Grill located in East Hampton, New York. On vacation in the Hamptons, Bill Clinton, Springsteen with his wife Patti Scialfa, Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp, Rudy Giulani, and Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd) joined the cast of the film (Murray, Bruce Willis, and Kate Hudson) to celebrate its grand opening. As might be expected, Clinton became the center of attention. According to Variety, he received numerous selfie requests from the partygoers. Even Springsteen and the other musicians and actors seemed to be in awe of the former President.


Here’s Springsteen just six months ago (before Bernie officially announced):

Bruce Springsteen warns Democrats: Find someone with vision for America’s working class

(Springsteen) predicts President Donald Trump will win another term because Democrats don’t have a candidate who can speak to America’s working class.

In recent interviews with the Sunday Times of London and with Esquire Magazine, Springsteen laid out a case for how much Democrats continue to be disconnected from the kinds of voters they once embraced – the sorts of paid-by-the-hour, punch-the-clock workers who labor in factories and other middle-class jobs.

But Springsteen says none of the prospective Democratic candidates seems to know how to speak to working class voters.

“I don’t see anyone out there at the moment,” Springsteen said in his Sunday Times interview.

US Labor Leader Says Case for Bernie Sanders 2020 Is Simple: His ‘Life and Heart and Soul’

in response to Springsteen’s remarks, U.S. labor leader and political organizer RoseAnn DeMoro—who spent the weekend at The Sanders Institute Gathering in Burlington, Vermont telling anyone asking or listening that the Independent senator is the only choice for the next presidential election—on Monday tweeted her agreement that the Democrats do not have anyone at the moment better than Sanders—officially an Independent—to lead the party in the effort to dethrone Trump.

I agree with this,” she said about Springsteen’s critique of the potential Democratic field. “And that is why @springsteen needs to help #Bernie2020.”


Springsteen is no longer with Scialfa. Word is he’s running around with some woman half his age. His money/fame have caused brain rot–shame, too.

Don midwest
Don midwest

his articles might have stopped the war in the past

what will happen this time?

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