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180 people at $2800 apiece doesn’t come close to $500,000 so there must have been plenty of bundling


A fundraiser for former Vice President Joe Biden Monday night at the Manhattan townhouse of hedge fund billionaire Jim Chanos. was met with angry protests, as demonstrators brandished signs and shouted class-warfare barbs at attendees, many of them Wall Street executives and real estate barons.

But inside Chanos’ swanky digs, it was all peace, love and lots of money.

The fundraiser, attended by a bipartisan crowd of 180 people, was a wild success, having raised in excess of $500,000, FOX Business has learned. The draw, while still being counted Tuesday afternoon, is said to be a record for a single candidate at a Manhattan residence fundraiser, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter.


Not crazy about Western Stars, but it sure beats listening to…*him*. 🙂 Speaking of Springsteen (who I generally like a lot), I have never figured out why he was all for Clinton and never even mentioned Bernie. That always struck me as jarring, given his lyrics’ message overall.


Very surprising. I did not know that.


This paragraph might be a clue (even celebrities can suffer from celebrity worship):

In August of 2015 Springsteen showed up at a special sneak preview of Bill Murray’s new movie Rock the Kasbah. The real buzz surrounded the afterwards party at the Blue Parrot Bar and Grill located in East Hampton, New York. On vacation in the Hamptons, Bill Clinton, Springsteen with his wife Patti Scialfa, Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp, Rudy Giulani, and Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd) joined the cast of the film (Murray, Bruce Willis, and Kate Hudson) to celebrate its grand opening. As might be expected, Clinton became the center of attention. According to Variety, he received numerous selfie requests from the partygoers. Even Springsteen and the other musicians and actors seemed to be in awe of the former President.


Here’s Springsteen just six months ago (before Bernie officially announced):

Bruce Springsteen warns Democrats: Find someone with vision for America’s working class

(Springsteen) predicts President Donald Trump will win another term because Democrats don’t have a candidate who can speak to America’s working class.

In recent interviews with the Sunday Times of London and with Esquire Magazine, Springsteen laid out a case for how much Democrats continue to be disconnected from the kinds of voters they once embraced – the sorts of paid-by-the-hour, punch-the-clock workers who labor in factories and other middle-class jobs.

But Springsteen says none of the prospective Democratic candidates seems to know how to speak to working class voters.

“I don’t see anyone out there at the moment,” Springsteen said in his Sunday Times interview.

US Labor Leader Says Case for Bernie Sanders 2020 Is Simple: His ‘Life and Heart and Soul’

in response to Springsteen’s remarks, U.S. labor leader and political organizer RoseAnn DeMoro—who spent the weekend at The Sanders Institute Gathering in Burlington, Vermont telling anyone asking or listening that the Independent senator is the only choice for the next presidential election—on Monday tweeted her agreement that the Democrats do not have anyone at the moment better than Sanders—officially an Independent—to lead the party in the effort to dethrone Trump.

I agree with this,” she said about Springsteen’s critique of the potential Democratic field. “And that is why @springsteen needs to help #Bernie2020.”


Springsteen is no longer with Scialfa. Word is he’s running around with some woman half his age. His money/fame have caused brain rot–shame, too.


Seymour Hersh.

Don midwest
Don midwest

his articles might have stopped the war in the past

what will happen this time?


Gack. Biden Tells Elite Donors He Doesn’t Want to ‘Demonize’ the Rich

Former Vice President Joe Biden told affluent donors Tuesday that he wanted their support and — perhaps unlike some other Democratic presidential candidates — wouldn’t be making them political targets because of their wealth.

“Remember, I got in trouble with some of the people on my team, on the Democratic side, because I said, you know, what I’ve found is rich people are just as patriotic as poor people. Not a joke. I mean, we may not want to demonize anybody who’s made money,” Biden told about 100 well-dressed donors at the Carlyle Hotel on New York’s Upper East Side, where the hors d’oeuvres included lobster, chicken satay and crudites.

“Truth of the matter is, you all know, you all know in your gut what has to be done,” Biden said. “We can disagree in the margins. But the truth of the matter is, it’s all within our wheelhouse and nobody has to be punished. No one’s standard of living would change. Nothing would fundamentally change,” he said.

Don midwest
Don midwest

was Bernie’s speech about Trump’s campaign kickoff – was it covered in the MSM?

a quick look at NYT and WA Post I didn’t see it

but, Bernie getting more air time on MSM this time around


Don: I didn’t see anything about it down here.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I have been sorta following Matt Stoller for a few years. After the items in the comments today I subscribed to his twitter feed and to his new newsletter


Matt has been saying for years that Americans don’t support monopolies and he expects a dramatic change. If it happens, his work will play a key role.

And of course, Bernie is on the same page. Matt worked for Bernie for years.


Matt is GREAT.


Can’t wait to see what else unscripted Biden has to say


I was in a caucus with James O. Eastland,” Biden said at the fundraiser, where he was introduced by Eric Mindich, an investment manager and former Goldman Sachs partner.

The Democratic presidential candidate, who has led his competitors in early polls of the crowded nominating contest, briefly impersonated the southern drawl of the Mississippi cotton planter, lawyer and lawmaker. “He never called me ‘boy,’ ” Biden said. “He always called me ‘son.’ ”

Biden’s campaign didn’t immediately return a request for comment about why it would be notable that the Dixiecrat — who thought black Americans belonged to an “inferior race” and warned that integration would cause “mongrelization” — didn’t call Biden “boy,” a racial epithet deployed against black men.


I commented about this at DK. Most people agreed, but I did get this one reply below that was recommended by four others. LOL

Even if what this commenter said is all true, what exactly was the point Biden was making by bringing up a white supremacist using a term of endearment for him? Great topic for a speech

Tone deaf reporters.

“Boy” isn’t reserved for Black men. It’s reserved for an inferior. White men in the south use it with each other pretty consistently.

Biden may well have known something about southern dialect that the reporters don’t. “Son” is endearment for an inferior, and “boy” is mild rebuke or imperiousness toward an inferior.

“Boy, you’d best stop all that foolin’ around and start studying, or you gonna fail this class.”

“Son, I done warned you twice about that, and I’m about tired of it. If you can’t manage to get your grades up, you don’t deserve to be here.”

: Same message, but a different attitude from the speaker.


The redneck hick senator was also mocking Biden. Guess Joe is too dumb to realize it.

Don midwest
Don midwest

well, well, well

Nancy is going to read the unredacted Muller report content


Why doesn’t she demand to see the fully unredacted report? As House Speaker, she has the clout. She is a real bad joke now compared to 30 years ago!


I still remember being happy when she was elevated to Speaker. Those were the days!


Not to mention 3rd inline to the presidency.

Don midwest
Don midwest

reminder of a long standing lie


Phew, thanks Don, I actually didn’t know that was a lie. Birds give me joy and the “long standing lie” made me sad.


mags: I’ve seen the wind turbines in action. No birds were around.


I was skeptical considering how quick birds are (and the turbines generally move quite slowly, right?), but I’d never heard otherwise. Guess that just shows the reach of the pro-oil/gas propaganda.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I somehow formed the opinion that Schiff was a piece of s**t – probably in the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, etc and more recently that he believed propaganda on Iran

but now

“It’s good to know that House Democrats like Adam Schiff are ‘resisting’ Trump by voting to ensure that he has limitless authority to conduct mass warrantless surveillance,” said Evan Greer, the deputy director of Fight for the Future, in a statement rebuking those Democrats who sided with the president and the Republicans in voting down the Amash-Lofgren amendment.

While House Democrats otherwise treat Trump as an existential threat who cannot be trusted on any matter, Greer and her group said it was bewildering to see a majority of the party leave such “terrifying” mass surveillance powers in the hands of the president and the intelligence agencies he largely controls.

Critics Lament as 126 House Democrats Join Forces With GOP to Hand Trump ‘Terrifying’ Mass Domestic Spying Powers
“The Democrats who voted against this common sense amendment just threw immigrants, LGBTQ folks, activists, journalists, and political dissidents under the bus by voting to rubberstamp the Trump administration’s Orwellian domestic spying capabilities.”


Schiff: “The evidence of Iran’s attack on the ships is strong.”

I can’t believe Dems put this guy on the House Intelligence Committee.


Good lord! All Turd Way/DLCrap Democrats are GOPuke Lite. Sickening, too.


Excellent indictment of charter schools


Now, despite abundant evidence to the contrary, the charter school industry and its advocates also make such claims, asserting that charters offer unique opportunities for poor African American children. On those grounds, for example, the Washington Post recently attacked the Bernie Sanders campaign’s Thurgood Marshall Plan for Public Education, which, among other features, supports the NAACP’s call for a “moratorium on public funds for charter school expansion until a national audit has been conducted to determine the impact of charter growth in each state.” In a May 27 masthead editorial, the Washington Post described charterization as a civil rights issue, claiming that charter schools can remedy the “most enduring – and unforgivable – civil rights offense in our country today [which] is the consigning of so many poor, often minority children to failing schools.” To justify that claim the editorial cites research indicating that black students in charter schools “gained an additional 59 days of learning in math and 44 days in reading per year compared with traditional school counterparts.”

But that says nothing about how charter schools actually perform or what their impacts are on students, communities, and public school systems.

Simply put, charter advocates’ sanctimonious bluster about charterization as a civil rights issue is deeply disingenuous, and the attacks on Bernie Sanders as racist for joining the NAACP in opposing it are repugnant.


Yet another place that Warren is different than Sanders.

How Teach for America Evolved Into an Arm of the Charter School Movement

When the Walton Family Foundation announced in 2013 that it was donating $20 million to Teach For America to recruit and train nearly 4,000 teachers for low-income schools, its press release did not reveal the unusual terms for the grant.

Documents obtained by ProPublica show that the foundation, a staunch supporter of school choice and Teach For America’s largest private funder, was paying $4,000 for every teacher placed in a traditional public school — and $6,000 for every one placed in a charter school. The two-year grant was directed at nine cities where charter schools were sprouting up, including New Orleans; Memphis, Tennessee; and Los Angeles.

Charter School Teacher Introduces Elizabeth Warren at Rally

Mehta was not an authentic public school teacher. She taught in a non-union charter school called “Learning Without Limits.” She also was a policy fellow at GO Public Schools Oakland, which is a toxic charter promoter focused around that city.


Warren’s senior education policy advisor is Josh Delaney, a Teach for America temp who turned a 5-week crash course in education into two years in the classroom and then a career as an “expert” on our schools.

This is simply not acceptable for anyone courting education voters.

You can’t go to Oakland, a city which just experienced a massive teacher strike caused by school privatization, and then let yourself be introduced by someone with ties to school privatization!

Go Public Schools Oakland, the organization Mehta is associated with, is the major charter organization in city battling the union.

Who knows if Warren was intending to take sides on this issue, but she certainly seems to be signaling that if she did, it might not be with parents, teachers and students. It could be with the hedge fund billionaires backing school privatization.


Oh, and the result of these charter schools draining funds from public schools? It creates a void that other billionaires with their agendas gleefully fill:

Millions of Students Are Quietly Being Taught the Koch Brothers’ Whitewashed Version of Black History

Cash-strapped social studies teachers across America have discovered an exciting new resource that provides lesson plans, study materials and even seminars geared toward elementary, middle and high school students.

The lessons are extremely detailed and come with suggestions for activities, multimedia and additional reading. More importantly, unlike many educational tools, most of these materials are provided free of cost. There’s only one catch:

It’s right-wing brainwashing.

What it really is, is an education arm of a network of right-wing charities funded by the ultraconservative Koch brothers in conjunction with a number of other conservative philanthropic individuals and organizations.

The lessons stress limited government, religious freedom, free-market economics and—worst of all—a revisionist version of the history of slavery that paints it as a necessary evil to further freedom and democracy.



Why do you think Ditzy Bitchy DeVos paid $200M for the Sec. of Education job? She has her little crooked religious righty fingers in that candy jar.


scary and dangerous. we have to get this stopped oh yeah what we want goes into the void

Would be a huge betrayal from Warren versus the way she portrays herself.


Mags, I tweeted this from the tweet link above your article but it doesn’t show your name so I put it in a reply. Thank you!



More of the same Biden/Bernie/Warren 1/2/3.


Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) holds a comfortable lead over his competition in a new poll of the 2020 Democratic primary field.

A USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll released Wednesday found Biden beats his closest rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), by 15 points. Biden registered support from 30 percent of registered voters in the poll, while Sanders was supported by 15 percent.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) took third place with the support of 10 percent of voters, the only other candidate to score double digits in the poll. Warren, however, topped Sanders and Biden among voters’ likely second-choice picks, with Sanders coming in second place among voters who would support him if their top candidate dropped out.


Hill = RW joke.



Tom Cotton is the most outspoken champion for bombing Iran in a Senate filled with Republican hawks. And he’s got President Donald Trump’s ear on it, too.

The Arkansas Republican has spoken to several high-ranking U.S. officials and the president himself about the rising tensions with Iran after the U.S. blamed the Islamic Republic for attacking two oil tankers. He declined to describe those conversations beyond saying that he and Trump “discussed the threat that Iran poses to the United States and its partners.”

But in an interview in his Capitol office on Tuesday, he offered a hard-line case for the president to take action now and not wait, as some of his GOP colleagues are advocating.

“There are more than ample targets that can deter Iran from this kind of malicious behavior whether it’s naval bases or munition storage or refining capabilities,” Cotton said.

His goal? “To inflict enough pain on Tehran that they realize that we’re not going to tolerate these kind of attacks on the high seas.”


even though this has been going on for years, this has to stop. This is insane—we’re just roaming around the world like the orcs. I’m starting to hate this country I have always loved beyond love. I bet that I’ve put more hours of my own into trying to set it right then anything else. I feel homeless.


Cotton and his fellow cretins are so stupid they make a dead tick look like Einstein. It’s friggin’ embarrassing!

Don midwest
Don midwest

More alarming news about what is going on

A couple of days ago the NYT head legal person during the Pentagon Papers disclosures, said that the CIA has been going after the first amendment for 50 years. Finally, more people are pointing out that the indictment of Assange is an attack on the press

so this just came out

CIA Seeks Expanded Definition of “Covert Agents”

At the request of the Central Intelligence Agency, the pending intelligence authorization bill includes a provision that would expand the definition of “covert agents” whose identities are protected from unauthorized disclosure.

The identities of intelligence officers who are serving abroad or who have done so within the past 5 years are already protected by current law.

But the new Senate intelligence authorization bill would expand that protection to include all unacknowledged intelligence personnel even if they never leave the country.

The bill would “protect the identities of all undercover intelligence officers, and United States citizens whose relationship to the United States is classified, regardless of the location of the individuals’ government service or time since separation of government service” (section 305). See Report on the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Years 2018, 2019, and 2020, Senate Intelligence Committee, June 11, 2019.


They’ve been pulling this easily since Raygun. The FRighties have to get ‘er done now while they still control Congress (House = Pelosi/Hoyer). TPTB don’t know what will happen next year and that includes the Deep State yahoos.


Unless it serves their purpose: Valarie Plame.

Don midwest
Don midwest

this is too much – Trump leadership council first meeting and shows how he has shaped public policy for corporations and against others, including Gaia

article just our in Rolling Stone

at the bottom, see the reps from giant companies as well as small companies who have benefited from being able to shape policy

Chris Hedges for years has used term ‘corporate coup’ and this names some of the players

The Shadow Cabinet: How a Group of Powerful Business Leaders Drove Trump’s Agenda
The full member list of the Trump Leadership Council, a group of corporate influencers who guided the president’s anti-regulatory policy blitz


quite the story. audio version, too.


Bittersweet on many levels:



Bring it on Jen. We will eventually whup you Republican neoconservative ass

“How to Take on Bernie’s Medicare for All”



Really not that much of a shot, but whatever


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) took a shot at his Democratic presidential rival Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Wednesday, tweeting that the “corporate wing” of the Democratic Party is intent on electing anyone but him.

Sanders’s comments came in a tweet that referenced a Politico article about how centrist Democrats were flocking to the Warren campaign in an effort to ensure Sanders does not win the nomination.

“The cat is out of the bag. The corporate wing of the Democratic Party is publicly ‘anybody but Bernie.’ They know our progressive agenda of Medicare for All, breaking up big banks, taking on drug companies and raising wages is the real threat to the billionaire class,” Sanders tweeted.




You know, this isn’t the first time I’ve had an issue with wording from the @BernieSanders account. Who runs that account? Often it doesn’t sound like Bernie at all. I don’t even follow that account anymore because of that. I only trust the @SenSanders account.


The article’s headline says something the article itself does not. Politico does that all the time. They also editorialize in news articles; yesterday, and article on Gavin Newsome began with “The expansively coiffed governor of California said today that —” [the word may not have been “expansively, but it was was similar, and it was chosen deliberately to tell us he’s an elite that we should mistrust) and I was surprised to see such blatant editorializing. I even went back later to copy the text, only to find they had changed it to something less biased, so I was never able to find out what the word was, LOL.

Shorter version: Politico is a right wing mouthpiece, always has been, and always will be. As the Russians say, “Trust, but verify”.


This idea has been running through my brain for some time now to the point that I have even figured out some floor plans for it. Lol.

If the idea is feasible, who could be approached to getting it done?

I have seen reports about all of the abandoned malls and strip malls in this country. In addition, I know that in the town I live in there are tons of empty business buildings.

I got to thinking about how unsightly these have become and that just the sight of them is depressing. My proposal would be to convert these empty buildings into affordable housing. For example, an old Sears could fairly easily be converted into multiple apartments and even groups of single rooms with shared bathrooms and kitchens. Much of the infrastructure for this is already in place which would make the conversions relatively inexpensive. For the owners of the buildings, being paid rent vs paying upkeep for empty buildings should be a no brainer.

A mall itself would provide community areas and could also include (reasonably priced) grocery outlets and some fast food areas that would have built-in clientele. So, a win-win for everyone, including the environment as no new building would be necessary. It would also create jobs where none existed before. This could be a community or city project and be completed in a relatively short time period (after zoning was adjusted).

The only thing I would recommend that some may have an issue with would be that there would need to be apartments/rooms/sections/areas where smoking is allowed. The discrimination against smokers in federal low-income housing keeps a lot of people from having access to affordable living spaces. (Yes, folks, a lot of people still smoke.)

I see these as being small communities that live within the larger framework of the city in which they exist. In my head, I have already designed how this would look and work, so I am sure those who know more about living space design could develop this in a way that would make these living spaces truly affordable.



Great idea —maybe approach a local homeless organization and see how they might go about it. The mall owners would have to want to sell or lease to the city or county and the government would have to want to do it. maybe some conversations?🤷🏻‍♀️


“The government would have to want to do it” is a major stumbling block. . . at least federally, not sure about state (depends on the particular state, I suppose).

I am thinking it would have to be some kind of grassroots movement. The city and county would have to be pushed to rezone the areas where these buildings exist, but I do not think they will involve themselves with being landlords. Allowing a corporation to do it would probably eliminate the “affordable.”

While most towns probably have a homeless shelter, I doubt if there is a local homeless organization in most areas. If I were not a hermit, I would probably know more. I just want to put the idea in someone’s head and immediately retreat back to my hermithood.



Harris and Warren have also condemned Biden



Here’s a suggestion: If you are an old white man running for president and opponents and pundits claim that you’re out of touch and “old-fashioned,” you probably shouldn’t recall your work with segregationist senators as a fond memory of the good old days where people with differing opinions could talk to one another.

And when recalling this nostalgic allegory of how “back in your day” things were different, you really shouldn’t point out that the senator that didn’t want to integrate the South didn’t refer to your old white ass as “boy” and how he referred to you as “son.”

Unless of course, you are former Vice President Joe Biden. Then keep right on driving that old fogey ass story right off the cliff because this is who you are and it just keeps showing.


What do you do when the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) defends him, though? Does CBC now stand for Conservative Black Caucus?

Black lawmakers get Biden’s back amid ‘segregationist’ uproar

“I worked with Strom Thurmond all my life,” House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the highest-ranking African American in Congress, said of the infamous segregationist senator. “You don’t have to agree with people to work with them.”

But did Clyburn work with Thurmond to stop integration? Biden did. In fact, whether working with segregationists or not, Biden’s legislation, votes and rhetoric did a lot of harm to the Black community. So why does the CBC defend him? (They also defended HRC.)


i think so (cbc). Hakeem Jeffries, too. They value political relationships over country, like so many hillbots. to be fair, donors like them too.

did I say that in my out loud voice?


If you claim you did not say it, I will claim I did not hear it.

I looked up the founding of the CBC in 1971. Essentially it was an outgrowth of a 1969 group of Shirley Chisholm’s. From what the article said, the CBC has been looking after donors and elites for some time now. I will re-locate the article if anyone is interested.


But can Clyburn explain exactly what Biden meant about being called son instead of boy. Why did Biden feel the need to bring that up? And working with Republicans is not a good thing when the resulting legislation is terrible.


That calling him “son” was really awful. I’m surprised it isn’t totally being dragged.


Well it is by other candidates (Booker, Bernie, Harris, Warren, and DeBlasio


I just posted a link to the Politico article with a quote from Eastland’s biographer. Eastland was Biden’s mentor which would explain the “son.” However, that is still a paternal word and probably kept Biden in “his place.”

Exactly. WHY does he keep bringing these people up? Maybe to attract Trump’s more racist supporters? What does that mean when it comes to how he would govern?

Yep, he worked on not allowing bus desegregation with both Eastland and Thurmond. Working together does not equate to good policy.


John Lewis, yes, that John Lewis was so pro fascist Raygun’s drug/hair testing when Raygun first got in, it turned me off against him (Lewis). I still don’t like him, and I know his Civil Rights record cos I was a political junkie back in those days.


John Lewis showed his bona fides to me in the 2015/16 cycle, so I am a bit behind but with you now on him. How is it that some of these civil rights people are so blind to the consequences of the legislation they support to the black community ?


No apology


Bernies Iowa’s team getting ready



But there’s another reason why Sanders points to the New Deal as an expression of socialist values: that’s how it was perceived by many observers at the time.

Some of these observers, of course, were reactionary Republicans. Senator John Bricker of Ohio, for example, the 1944 GOP vice-presidential nominee, liked to rant about how “Communist forces have taken over the New Deal.”

But they also included “progressive” Democrats like Al Smith, the Irish-American former New York governor, whose 1928 presidential campaign had mobilized millions of immigrant voters with its inclusive message opposing nativist bigotry. Smith was a lifelong Democrat, but like many leading Democrats today he felt distaste for “demagogues that would incite one class of our people against the other.” By the end of FDR’s first term, Smith had seen enough of the New Deal.

“Just get the platform of the Democratic Party, and get the platform of the Socialist Party, and lay them down on your dining room table, side by side, and get a heavy lead pencil and scratch out the word ‘Democrat,’ and scratch out the word ‘Socialist,’ and let the two platforms lay there,” Smith quipped in a 1936 speech. “Then study the record of the present administration up to date. After you have done that, make your mind up to pick up the platform that more nearly squares with the record, and you will put your hand on the Socialist platform. You couldn’t touch the Democratic.”

It wasn’t only red-baiting opponents of socialism who saw the resemblance. So did many socialists — including Norman Thomas, the longtime leader of the Socialist Party of America. In the words of his biographer, Thomas “viewed Roosevelt’s program for reform of the economic system as far more reflective of the Socialist Party platform than of his own [Democratic] party’s platform,” in particular its embrace of a shorter workweek, public works, abolition of sweatshops, a minimum wage, unemployment insurance, and old-age pensions. Though always highly critical of Roosevelt — who never embraced “our essential socialism” — Thomas acknowledged that FDR built a rudimentary welfare state by adopting “ideas and proposals formerly called ‘socialist’ and voiced in our platforms beginning with Debs in 1900.”



And what Trump has done, too, seems impossible to simply reverse. Whatever illusions Americans may have maintained about the inviolable dignity of the presidency and the knowing competency of the electorate writ large ought to be wiped out by now, similar to Richard M. Nixon’s effect on public trust in the government. And if Jimmy Carter, for all his moral rectitude, self-evident decency and gentle demeanor couldn’t reverse the cynical trend in U.S. politics, then Biden, with his unctuous mien and tendency to say the worst possible thing at the worst possible time, doesn’t stand a chance.

None of which means there aren’t better days ahead: It just means that we likely won’t get there by pursuing the past. The normal of yesteryear wasn’t particularly pleasant for great numbers of Americans and is inaccessible to us now anyway, so why chase it? Biden’s campaign may promise a return to the ordinary, but that’s illusory; what’s possible is a different, better politics and political culture in the future. And there’s no messaging issuing from the Biden campaign about how to get there from here.


Warren has moved up in this poll, but more at the expense of Harris than Bernie. I don’t think people are paying attention to the Warren/Harris competition for a certain voter segment.


Among a field of 24 contenders, Biden currently has the support of 32% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters. This is similar to his 33% support last month. Warren’s support has jumped five points to 15% from 10% in May. Sanders holds onto 14% support, which is similar to his 15% support last month. Warren’s biggest gain has come from self-identified liberals (25%, up from 14% in May).

Other candidates receiving support in the poll include California Sen. Kamala Harris (8%, down slightly from 11% in May), South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg (5%, steady from 6% in May), former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke (3%, basically unchanged from 4% in May),


Jayapal for Speaker. .


Yeah because Meeks represents all African American voters.


A New York congressman called Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusets Sen. Elizabeth Warren “patronizing” for wading into the local race for Queens district attorney.

Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks, who represents New York’s 5th Congressional District comprised mainly of Queens, issued a statement Wednesday condemning the two Democratic presidential candidates for endorsing Tiffany Cabán for Queens district attorney.

“I don’t know who they spoke with, but clearly they did not speak with the elected officials of Queens County, or the people who elected them,” Meeks said. Meeks has endorsed one of Cabán’s opponents, Melinda Katz, who is white. Cabán is of Puerto Rican descent.

“African American voters are tired of the patronizing and tired of the arrogance. If they want to be the president for all Americans I suggest they speak with us before they decide to speak for us,” Meeks added.


Because we’re the big boys around here and we don’t want any upstart insurgent competition.


Apologize for what? The article completely ignores the son/boy comment. Ask Biden what he meant by that.


On Wednesday, Mr. Biden faced his sharpest criticism yet from his 2020 presidential rivals, including from the two black Democrats in the field. Senator Kamala Harris of California said the former vice president “doesn’t understand the history of our country and the dark history of our country,” and Senator Cory Booker said Mr. Biden should immediately apologize for using segregationists to make a point about civility in the Senate. Even some of Mr. Biden’s senior campaign advisers were privately shaken by the remarks.

Yet Mr. Biden’s campaign appeared unbowed and intent on defending, or at least explaining, his worldview of politics, which is rooted in the 1970s when he came to the Senate and worked with those two Southerners and others he often disagreed with.

“Apologize for what?” he said Wednesday evening, saying that he “could not have disagreed with Jim Eastland more.” “Cory should apologize. He knows better. There’s not a racist bone in my body. I’ve been involved in civil rights my whole career, period, period, period.”


it’s just one big mind dump to him. maybe doesn’t even really realize what he said. I mean yeah he called you son, not boy, because you’re white and rich and powerful and you’re right, jcb, he should answer for it. wth.


Why Did Joe Biden Praise a Segregationist?

But according to his biographer, the senator took a shine to a young Joe Biden in the Senate — both because of the tragic loss of Biden’s wife and daughter in a car crash, and because of their shared opposition to forced school integration through student bussing. “Eastland was particularly anxious to mentor young members,” writes J. Lee Annis in Big Jim Eastland: The Godfather of Mississippi. “One favorite over his last term was Joseph Biden. … Aware that Biden shared his opposition to bussing and admiring that he had contemplated resigning his seat to take care of his two surviving sons, Eastland took an interest in him. … Two years later, Eastland guided Biden to a seat on the prestigious Foreign Relations Committee.”

Symone and Shawn are “discussing” it. Translation: Symone is defending the statements while Shawn points to facts.


“Using nuclear weapons could create conditions for decisive results and the restoration of strategic stability,”


The Pentagon never watched “War Games” apparently. Joshua; “A strange game, The only winning move is not to play”

In my opinion their is no such thing as a limited nuke war.

With climate change teetering on the edge just a few nukes going off might just put mother earth into an ELE event and kiss humanity goodbye.


The movie was based on an old DOS game Global Thermonuclear War. I used to have a copy of it. Yup, there was no way to win, and believe me I tried.

I am pretty sure that it has been compiled to work in a browser now.


oh yeah. Definitely a horror tweet

love the movie.


“Thermonuclear War.” —War Games. Great movie. Those 2 words scare(d) the h3ll out of me growing up. Still do. That mindset is back and scaring me again. 🙁


In other news, from the city of brotherly love there is this.

72 Philadelphia Police Officers On Administrative Duty Over Alleged Racist And Violent Social Media Posts, Commissioner Says

The protest organizers want all of the nearly 330 officers accused of racist and violent posts on social media assigned to desk duty, pending an investigation.

The department’s Internal Affairs unit is working with an outside law firm to determine if these posts are protected under the First Amendment.

“Internal Affairs has identified and prioritized the posts clearly advocating violence or death against any protected class such as ethnicity, national origin, sex, religion and race. These officers have been removed from the street that fall under these categories,” Ross said.



Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday denied that a tweet Wednesday referencing corporate Democrats supporting “anybody but Bernie” was a direct shot at his fellow progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

Rather, he said the tweet was aimed at the Washington think-tank Third Way.

“That tweet was not about Elizabeth Warren at all. Not at all. Elizabeth is a friend of mine, and we’re going to run what I hope are issue-oriented campaigns,” Sanders told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “Cuomo Primetime.”

“This was though, a very strong statement about a group called Third Way, and you know that Third Way is the corporatist wing of the Democratic Party,” he continued.




“The Democrats, literal spawns of Satan, want to enslave you and force you to work on their marijuana farms wearing only leather chaps. They will come to your farms and murder all your livestock, painting their faces with sheep’s blood and filling the streets of small-town America with the sound of pagan chants.”


Sounds familiar. Oh, yeah . . .

But even more: all at once the Jew also becomes liberal and begins to rave about the necessary progress of mankind.
-Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

If we consider how greatly he has sinned against the masses in the course of the centuries, how he has squeezed and sucked the blood again and again; if furthermore, we consider how the people gradually learned to hate him for this, and ended up by regarding his existence as nothing but punishment of Heaven for the other peoples, we can understand how hard this shift must be for the Jew.
-Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

The black-haired Jewish youth lies in wait for hours on end, satanically glaring at and spying on the unsuspicious girl whom he plans to seduce, adulterating her blood and removing her from the bosom of her own people. The Jew uses every possible means to undermine the racial foundations of a subjugated people. (Book 1 Chap 11)
-Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

…the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.
-Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

Source: https://www.mosaisk.com/auschwitz/Adolf-Hitler-about-the-Jews.php

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