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The Fetterman race has turned bitter, too. Fetterman, who ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in 2016, has angered some activists in Allegheny County, where he is the mayor of Braddock, by endorsing a fracking proposal in his city and endorsing an incumbent Democratic state legislator who is being opposed by a member of Democratic Socialists of America.
Sanders jumped into the fray anyway, and Fetterman was happy to have him. “He’s the most popular polling Democrat in the country, and he’s a leader of the progressive movement,” said Fetterman. “I want to push back on that fracking thing. We’re Democrats. We are supposed to look after working-class families. If the [steel] mill that wants to do this goes under, that’s 3,000 jobs lost. All they need to do is drill two wells.”
Sanders also said that the fracking issue was no reason to reject Fetterman.
“My view is that we’ve got to transform our energy system and move away from fossil fuels, and ban fracking from one side of this country to the other,” Sanders said. “If John happens to disagree with me on that issue, then we disagree. What I do know is that John believes in Medicare for all, believes in raising the minimum wage, believes in pay equity.”


Fracking is, imo, a crime against Mother Nature.


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