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thea lake
thea lake

I love this bit: “The basic crime being committed by the people of Nicaragua is that the government there has the strange and unusual idea that the people should try and attempt and do something for the people of Nicaragua rather than United States corporations. A very strange idea for an independent nation to have.”

I don’t even need a video to hear Bernie saying that : )

Did you do the transcript, LD?


Thanks for this, LD.

Bernie openly saying this statement of fact alone gives me chills:
“…for the past 150 years or so the US government in its wisdom has decided that Latin-America should be a colony of the US government. That countries that attempt stand up to do things for their own people instead of US corporations are not to be tolerated…”

When I compare Bernie’s courageous truth with Hillary’s activities as Secretary of State it boggles the mind how any American amongst the 99% could think of supporting her candidacy.


People in the 90% (or even the 90%) who support Clinton are like turkeys voting for Thanksgiving.

Yet they become hysterical if we call them low-information voters.