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Thank you Humphrey! I was so sorry to see that I’d missed this and was too busy yesterday to comment. But I did get to see some of the reactions to the interview and wow!

I actually think it is a shrewd move to go on Rogan on the part of Bernie, people overfocus on the OpEd/Cable News coverage, but going on shows that hit audiences that are not composed of the politically active is a much more impactful move


“Unless Bernie can reach young disaffected non-voters, he’ll never have a shot at winning.”

*Bernie goes on a podcast listened to by millions of these very people*

“No, not like this.”

Sanders has always been really comfortable in talking to people across the isle specially one on one because he comes across as genuine. It’s one of his biggest strengths that’s going to win him general election if Democrats get their shit together.

“He wasn’t yelling,” Sanders is always shocking people simply by not being the caricature that Fox and DNC paint him to be.

Up to over 4.2 million views atm.

exact listenership figures for his podcast and youtube channel are hard to determine but estimates are behemoth, and mostly come from people that are never going to tune into TV news

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