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This is the same thing only it is the youtube version.


I see in the background something that might be a hint for his next step. Perhaps a bit of 3rd demensional chess?


You mean this? 🙂

Bernie Strategy Table in Burlington during TH 4-4-2020.JPG

So far his comments are spot on. I am waiting for him to lay into 🐔💩 Joe’s obamacare position but it is not likely going to happen.😥



Maybe they should also be pushing Biden the rapist.





It would be nice if Bernie retweeted this on his account.😁😜😂


Sometimes I wish that I was A hacker. I would do it.😎



My opinion. If Bernie loses big in this ridiculous Wisconsin primary, he will suspend his campaign. But as the article said, it’s up to Bernie and Jane so who knows.


A small group of Bernie Sanders’s top aides and allies — including his campaign manager and his longtime strategist — have encouraged the independent senator from Vermont to consider withdrawing from the presidential race, according to two people with knowledge of the situation
The group includes campaign manager Faiz Shakir and Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), a top Sanders surrogate and ally, according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe sensitive private discussions.

Sanders himself has become more open to the prospect of dropping out, according to one of the people with knowledge of the situation and another close ally, especially if he suffers a significant defeat in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary, which polls suggest Joe Biden will win handily.

Beyond Shakir and Jayapal, longtime strategist Jeff Weaver has privately made a case that exiting the race more quickly and on good terms with Biden would give Sanders more leverage in the long run, according to one of the people; the other said Weaver has used a light touch in presenting his case. Weaver and Jayapal did not return calls and messages seeking comment. Shakir declined to comment.

Sanders has not a made a final decision, the people said, and other close allies have privately urged him to keep running, such as national campaign co-chair Nina Turner, while Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) is also said to favor him remaining in the race. Larry Cohen, a longtime ally who chairs a nonprofit aligned with Sanders, is waging a public campaign for him to stay in until the Democratic National Convention.

The Sanders campaign declined to comment on internal deliberations.
The split in Sanders’s inner circle to some degree reflects the hybrid nature of his political identity as both a traditional politician and a movement leader. Advisers with stronger ties to the Democratic Party have been more vocal in urging him to contemplate a withdrawal, while independent activists have been pushing for Sanders to remain in the race.

Close Sanders associates have long said the senator and his wife, Jane Sanders, are the ultimate deciders, and they are expected to reach any decision jointly. Sanders believes strongly that people in his movement need to be consulted, however, according to one of the people with knowledge of the situation.

Sanders said Friday on MSNBC that he was acutely aware of his massive deficit to Biden and was taking a “hard look” at his future. Earlier in the week, he told late-night host Seth Meyers that he still had a “narrow path” to victory.

Biden, for his part, faces animosity from many of the left-leaning activists who back Sanders. Some have said they want Sanders to stay in until the end and have indicated they are not inclined to fall in line behind Biden.

However, associates of both men said the dynamic between the two candidates and their aides is much better than it was between Clinton and Sanders, raising hopes among some in the party for greater cooperation.


Wapo is good at poisoning the well.


If they are reporting inaccurately, we will hear from Faiz, Pramila, and Jeff. They will not remain silent if WaPo is wrong.


A link to previous articles by the author of the column.


He is not a fan of Bernie!

Some of the tiles of his previous work.

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That last paragraph is blatant lies and WAPO baloney. No way is the cooperation more mellow between Bernie and BrainDead than it was with him and $hrill. If anything, there are more folks now who will not vote for either GOPuke choice. Watch.


If you love your health insurance, you can keep it. Unless someone decides you can’t keep your job. Then you don’t have any health insurance. Or you have to pay even more for it with money you don’t have.— jeremy scahill (@jeremyscahill) April 4, 2020