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Gong said the DSA was still working on its strategy to support Sanders, who is advocating for Medicare-for-all, a $15 minimum wage and a Green New Deal climate policy. There are more than 100 chapters in the US and each will decide how to promote Sanders. But Gong said the DSA was looking beyond just electing Sanders as president.

“Sanders alone, once in office, is not capable of pushing through these reforms,” Gong said.

“We need to have a mass movement of ordinary people building organizations like the DSA, building their union, going on strike, demonstrating in the streets, pushing for his radical reform agenda.”

The DSA also aims to elect progressive candidates to local government across the country. Six democratic socialists are running for election to the Chicago city council this year, and despite Republicans seeking to use the term “democratic socialist” to denigrate Democrats, the DSA is continuing to grow.


Nevada caucuses may be different this time. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/nevada-democrats-2020-presidential-caucus-plan_n_5c92e227e4b0d952b22324d8

>As part of the caucus revamp, the Nevada State Democratic Party is proposing a four-day early voting period, similar to the one offered during general elections, for those who cannot attend the state party’s caucus on Feb. 22, 2020, as well as a two-day virtual caucus for voters who cannot be present at the caucus in February.

>The state party also proposed adding Tagalog as a preferred language at caucus locations to accommodate a growing Asian-American and Pacific Islander population. English and Spanish are currently used in caucuses.

>The proposal still needs to be approved by the Democratic National Committee. The state party will submit it to the committee on May 3. For the next 30 days, the plans are up for public comMeant.


That sounds like an improvement. Hopefully Harry Reid won’t be able to lean on the casino and union bosses quite so effectively this time.


E-voting worries me, though.


Hello everyone!

Im going to treat this like the mornings open thread to save a couple of the few minutes I have left before I run out to work. If anyone wants to start the official thread…dont wait for my permission!


Morgan Freeman Converted His 124-Acre Ranch Into A Giant Honeybee Sanctuary To Save The Bees

Morgan Freeman, the actor, film director and philanthropist has added a new title to his name: Beekeeper. The 81-year-old celebrity decided to convert his 124-acre Mississippi ranch into a bee sanctuary.

Freeman’s foray into beekeeping began in 2014, where he discussed his new hobby with Jimmy Fallon during The Tonight Show. Freeman had taken up beekeeping just a couple of weeks before appearing on the show and talked about his experience keeping bees and the need to preserve and save wild bees for healthy environments.

As part of his interview, Freeman talked a bit about the motivation as to why he began beekeeping. “There is a concerted effort for bringing bees back onto the planet…We do not realize that they are the foundation, I think, of the growth of the planet, the vegetation…”

Freeman imported 26 bee hives from Arkansas to his ranch in Mississippi. There, Freeman works to feed the bees sugar and water and has help planting bee-friendly magnolia trees, lavender, clover, etc.


Some behind the scenes @ the dsa (according to VOX)

Bernie Sanders’s reparations comments cause rift over DSA endorsement

Sen. Bernie Sanders’s refusal to give a full-throated endorsement of reparations is throwing a wrench into his long-expected endorsement from the Democratic Socialists of America.

The DSA’s AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus, a section within the organization focused on race and people of color, is asking the DSA’s national political committee to withhold its endorsement of Sanders’s presidential campaign over his stance on reparations. The independent Vermont senator has declined to back reparations for the descendants of slaves in the United States, arguing that broader anti-poverty programs will help address inequality and that it’s not clear what the term means.

DSA’s members already voted 76 percent to 24 percent to endorse Sanders in a poll conducted by the organization’s leadership earlier this month. The 16-member national political committee is set to vote on the endorsement on Thursday evening. The AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus is pushing for them to withhold that endorsement.

The caucus laid out its reasoning in an open letter to the political committee and explained that while they believe Sanders has advanced in his stance on race, “there is still a disconnect in his approach to economic issues often failing to comprehend how race and class are intertwined.”

“Should the organization move forward with an endorsement of the Sanders campaign, despite his failure to adopt specific policy stances to address matters of persisting racial injustice and despite his unwillingness to champion reparations to specifically address the experience of the descendants of African slaves, it will risk alienating not just members of color within the organization, but people of color in the communities in which the DSA works,” the letter reads. “We ask that the DSA withholds endorsement of the Bernie Sanders campaign for the presidency until Sanders finally acknowledges the validity of black demands for reparations in America.”

Democratic Socialists of America, which claims to be the largest socialist organization in the US and has gained significantly in prominence in recent years. (Jeff Stein laid out for Vox in 2017 what DSA is all about.) It has more than 50,000 members nationwide.

The letter has caused some internal consternation within DSA, which has been criticized for being a heavily white and male organization.

“There is a lot of really frustrated white comrades right now and comrades of color, to be quite honest, about how this is a stupid strategy, and what’s going on, but I think their hearts are in the right place,” Bianca Cunningham, co-chair of New York City’s DSA chapter, told me. “Sometimes, having these discussions is uncomfortable, and it means you even have to challenge comrades who you see as allies.”


After Earlier Assurances Over Air Quality, Benzene From Petrochemical Fire Triggers ‘Shelter in Place’ Order for Texas City

Despite assurances early in the week from top local officials that air quality was not a threat to public health, residents in the city of Deer Park, Texas are now under a shelter in place order due to elevated and dangerous levels of benzene caused by a mass petrochemical fire in the area.

The fire started last weekend at an oil refinery plant for Royal Dutch Shell at the Intercontinental Terminals Company in Deer Park, a city of just over 32,000 that’s 21 miles east of Houston.

Since Sunday, a plume of black smoke has been omnipresent in Deer Park skies and air quality has gone from bad to worse, despite assurances from local officials.

On Tuesday, Harris County Public Health appeared to downplay the risks posed by the fire in a statement.

“Based on current air monitoring reports, there continues to be a low risk to the community because the smoke is several thousand feet above the ground,” said the county.

That prompted frustration from observers, who feel the city isn’t doing enough for its people during the chemical fire crisis.


My son was born in Houston almost 48 years ago. It was a cesspool with racial tension back then and it sounds like it’s still Liz.



Bernie Sanders Aims for Strong Showing in Delegate-Rich California’s 2020 Primary

By the time California’s presidential primary election arrived in 2016, Bernie Sanders was a beaten man. This time around, everything has changed.

The senator from Vermont was an insurgent outsider three years ago in a head-to-head race against Hillary Clinton, the former first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state whose grip on the Democratic nomination was effectively unshakeable by the time California’s primary was held in June that year.

When Sanders heads to San Diego on Friday for the first of three California campaign rallies, the self-described democratic socialist will be asking for votes in a Democratic contest in which he’s a top-shelf candidate. He’ll be campaigning in a state that could be pivotal to choosing the Democratic nominee. And unlike the state’s end-of-the-line primary in 2016, California is voting near the front of the pack this time in March 2020 with hundreds of delegates at stake.

He previewed his approach to the state on Wednesday when he spoke to striking workers in Los Angeles. He touched on familiar themes, decrying “a war being waged against the working people” and California’s notoriously expensive housing costs and rents.

“The stage is set” for a Sanders win in 2020, predicted striking worker Ben Evans, 45, a Los Angeles Democrat who attended the rally. “Everyone who paid attention last time is not going to forget.”


Really looking forward to seeing how this weekend’s rallies go.


To Prevent Big Telecom From Gutting Net Neutrality Bill, ‘Whole Internet’ Urged to Watch Key Hearing

“This could be the single most important moment for net neutrality this year.”

That was Fight for the Future’s urgent message to internet users across the U.S. on Thursday as the group announced a massive online protest to prevent telecom-backed lawmakers from gutting the Save the Internet Act while no one’s looking.

On Monday, the House Communications and Technology Subcommittee is expected to begin marking up Democrats’ net neutrality legislation, which has been hailed as the best plan to restore the open internet.

To stop telecom-friendly lawmakers from using the amendment process to eviscerate the Save the Internet Act, Fight for the Future is attempting to make the livestream of the committee hearing go viral.

The goal, said Fight for the Future, is to send lawmakers a simple warning: “The whole internet is watching.”

“Politicians seem to still be under the false impression that they [can] put the interests of giant telecom companies ahead of the basic rights of their constituents and get away with it,” Evan Greer, deputy director of the advocacy group Fight for the Future, said in a statement. “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

In an effort to “plaster the livestream everywhere on the internet,” Fight for the Future is calling on websites, online communities, and individual internet users to spread the hearing using its embeddable widget.





Judge Blocks Lame-Duck Power Grab by Wisconsin GOP

Democrats and progressives in Wisconsin are celebrating a ruling by a state judge on Thursday that will halt a backdoor attempt last year by the lame-duck Republicans to hamstring the incoming Democratic state government.

Dane County Circuit Judge Richard Niess imposed the temporary stay and injunction on a slate of laws passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature after the GOP lost their majorities and the governor’s mansion in the 2018 election.

The ruling comes in response to a lawsuit filed by a coalition of left-leaning groups in the state who charged the laws rushed through after the election were a direct effort by Republicans to undermine the will of the voters.




A good place to plunk Tig’s Bernie video:

And here are the lyrics in case you want to sing along. 🙂

All I hear is a lot of rhetoric, a bunch of sellouts, still tryna be the president, lining up their pockets with that wall street money, now they want to throw dirt until we all get muddy, but i’m gonna make ‘em quack, make ‘em squeal, rubber ducky, in 2016 you Bernie haters got lucky now it’s almost 2020, it’s about to get ugly, I’m a knock on every door, I don’t care who’s gon judge me, naw, ‘cuz we fighting nepotism, all these leaders in position, all these prisons, pay attention, they don’t want to feel the bern, they try to hush the competition, name another politician, that know that’s this consistent,this perstance for people, education make a difference, yeah the fight for 15 and equality for women, comprehensive immigration, and a real black agenda, medicare for all yeah you start to get the message

Standing Tall,Our Revolutions Calling for the rights of All, No dreams to big or small for Me

Don’t worry bout the swag, matter of fact, you can put it on my tab. We’re counting every vote they think got it in the bag. Twenty seven dollars and they’re still getting mad. So pressgive and We’re Never gonna let up, Bern The Establishment is what I’m screaming from the neck up, This our time,this is our fight, These are my kids this is my life, this ain’t the left this ain’t about the right,nobody cares if your MAGA hat’s on tight, you little babies still yelling for the wall still? while the poor’s still tryna pay their light bill, forty hours got ‘em begging for living wage Vietnam Vets tryna see a better day, instead of crying in an ocean full of misery, we’re gonna stand tall with the Bern making history

Standing Tall,Our Revolutions Calling for the rights of All, No dreams to big or small for Me


I love this so much.


Woo hoo!


We used to have pretty dedicated regulators. I believe that a lot of the folks in agencies still want to take pride in their profession and do the best job for the country.

Problem is that the plutocrats have succeeded in starving the agencies of adequate funding.

The FAA outsourced evaluation, testing and validation to Boeing because they no longer have the funding and staffing to do those jobs as they once did.

Convincing citizens that government employees are all lazy, stupid and corruptible is just one more aspect of the strategy to turn us against one another and against our own best interests.


Wow Tom, I hadn’t heard that the FAA had outsourced to Boeing! That’s nuts.


If an individual knowingly withheld a safety feature on something they sold, would that not be indictable?


More Than 90 Percent of Americans Have Pesticides or Their Byproducts in Their Bodies

Every year US farmers use about a billion pounds of chemicals on crops, including the fruits, nuts, and vegetables many parents beg their kids to eat. The Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration are charged with ensuring that these chemicals don’t endanger consumers, and both agencies test the food supply for pesticide residues each year. They focus on foods eaten by babies and children, whose developing bodies are particularly sensitive to toxic chemicals, and typically report that pesticide residues in these products rarely exceed safety standards.

Yet, experts say, the agencies’ pesticide-monitoring approach suffers from several limitations that make it difficult to draw meaningful conclusions about pesticide risks to the nation’s food supply. What’s more, government agencies don’t monitor risks to farmworkers who labor among those chemicals, or to pregnant women and children who live near agricultural fields.

Since pesticide monitoring began about three decades ago, scientists have learned that even low doses of pesticides and other synthetic chemicals can harm children and that exposure to chemical mixtures, particularly during critical windows of neurodevelopment, may carry serious health risks that take years to emerge. And though crops are often sprayed with multiple chemicals over the growing season, both agencies track pesticide residues one chemical at a time, to determine whether a specific chemical exceeds safety standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

That’s why, several years ago, scientists at the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit consumer-advocacy group, started doing their own analysis of pesticides on produce. The group relies largely on data from the USDA, which tests more produce than the FDA.

About 70 percent of US produce harbors traces of pesticides, the EWG reports in its latest shoppers’ guide to the “ dirty dozen,” those fruits and vegetables with the highest pesticide load. Strawberries topped the list, released this week, for the fourth year in a row, with an average of nearly eight pesticides per sample, followed by spinach and kale. Spinach had more pesticides by weight than any other crop.


Oh shit, I love spinach.

Kevin Jolivette
Kevin Jolivette



And in this age of spiraling prices and monopolies, it’s becoming harder to find places willing to sell organic at a price even middle class can afford.



In fact, I DO covet that bottle. Looks like one can be had for $20? I hope so.


Been checking the “Bernie store” periodically will wait to see if they go their since I don’t do the social media stuff all that much + I can make a donation to Bernie as well.


All I can say is: Oh God! And to destroy the Palestinians?




A Bernie Sanders spokesperson told NBC News that the senator is “concerned about the platform AIPAC is providing for leaders who have expressed bigotry and oppose a two-state solution.” Sanders did not go to AIPAC in 2016, but Hillary Clinton has been a frequent guest and is close to the Israel lobbies and the Netanyahu government. She hasn’t given any sign of caring what happens to the Palestinians one way or another since about 1996. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will be headliners at AIPAC this year. The organization says it isn’t disturbed by the exodus of presidential candidates, insisting that it focuses on Congress. Hmm. I wonder what it does for the congressional representatives?

The MoveOn.org call for a boycott comes after a long period in which some form of the the far right Likud Party and even further far right coalition partners have dominated Israeli politics for nearly two decades. This fact about Israel has in turn shaped AIPAC, which in the early 1990s would not have met with most of the people it now pushes on the American public as likeable democrats. In fact, Likud and its partners have adopted an unstated Greater Israel agenda of completely annexing the Palestinian West Bank, and the Syrian Golan Heights, conquered in 1967, and of keeping the Gaza Strip under a debilitating civilian blockade. These actions are illegal in international law, since the 1945 United Nations Charter forbids acquisition of other people’s territory through warfare.

The US political establishment, which accepts tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions from various Israel lobbies, has dealt with this fascist search for Lebensraum or “living room,” as it was called in Central Europe in the 1930s, by pretending that there is an ongoing political negotiation toward a Palestinian state, which there has not been for nearly two decades.

The Democratic Left is calling BS on this charade, which is keeping 5 million Palestinians stateless and under some form of military Occupation for decades to come.


They are not concerned about the candidates because they know it’s temporary.


I’m reading that many think that the West Bank will be next.


Two crooks together at last, Both under investigation.


This WaPo columnist decides that a few people nodding their heads in NH means that Beto is winning the policy war with Bernie. Maybe he should fly out to Bernie’s California rallies this weekend. WaPo is getting beyond ridiculous.


He’s already in a policy war with Bernie Sanders (and he isn’t losing). O’Rourke has refused to attack any Democratic rival; Bernie Sanders has pledged not to go negative on any other candidate. But the first real skirmish of the primary is underway, pitting supporters of Sanders against O’Rourke, and at the moment it’s breaking to the Texan’s benefit.

On social media and at a few town halls, voters have asked whether O’Rourke has real policies or he’s going to offer platitudes — something that has grown out of his aforementioned, philosophical answers. Unlike Sanders, who states his policies one by one, O’Rourke tends to get to them after a soliloquy on what the country needs.

But the rumor that O’Rourke is a policy lightweight makes it easy for him to impress voters, for now. In New Hampshire especially, he’s got heads nodding with a quick summary of the state’s “safe stations” program for tackling opioid abuse; in Manchester he described it as one “where anyone can walk into a fire department in some cities, and, without fear of being entangled in the criminal justice system, get lifesaving help right away.”

Like Sanders, who won over voters who had simply never heard a candidate state bluntly that America needed universal health care or free college, O’Rourke takes some clear positions on issues that other candidates often handle with extra caution. Asked in Manchester whether undocumented immigrants should have driver’s licenses, O’Rourke said “yes,” then argued it would “demonstrably make us safer.” Asked about marijuana, O’Rourke says it should be legal.

He does not go as far as Sanders on some issues, but he has been able to disarm critics offline. After O’Rourke’s Durham town hall, an activist with the New Hampshire Youth Movement got into his photo line and, as phones recorded (and staff stood by nervously), asked him to commit to free college for “all Americans,” including those with criminal convictions.

“I believe in free community college and I believe in debt-free four-year public college, so the cost is not a barrier for admission,” O’Rourke said. “We should ensure that incarceration is also not a barrier to advancement.”

In the long run, this approach could put O’Rourke on the record for issues that Republicans can weaponize in a general election. At the moment, it is stymying the effort to portray him as a cipher.


I try not to go to WaPo. Are there pictures or even an estimate of the “crowd” in NH? I do not see from this snippet any bragging about crowd size.



The host of Late Night With Seth Meyers asked the congresswoman on his show on Thursday night about the time she did well in a school science competition when she was a teenager.

She told Meyers how science was “her first passion” and described how she had studied microbiology, in particular how antioxidants impacted on an organism known as the C. elegan, of the nematode phylum, The New York Post reported.

The NBC host interrupted by joking that meant she had something in common with President Donald Trump. “I think he did that too…” Meyers began to say, but Ocasio-Cortez interrupted with, “Because he’s a nematode?”

The nematode phylum of the animal kingdom encompasses a diverse range of creatures, also known as roundworms. There are around 20,000 named species, but likely many more have not been discovered. They are abundant across many ecosystems and live as parasites in animals and plants, or in free-living forms in soil and water environments, according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

The creatures can range in size from the microscopic, to up to 7 meters long, with the largest examples of parasitic forms being found in whales. The parasites can infect animals in almost every organ of the body, and common names for particularly aggressive types are the hookworm, lungworm, pinworm, threadworm, whipworm, and eelworm, Encyclopedia Britannica states.



Jacobin has analyzed Beto’s Medicare 4 America. Tl;dr: typical neoliberal crap.



In any case, given the likely composition of the Senate, without getting rid of the fillibuster, neither M4A nor Medicare for America is going to get through. (And thst’s assuming the Dems actually win control of the Senate and that all the Dems (Manchin, Sinema, etc. included) would support a health care overhaul.) There’s going to be some compromises on the way to M4A. Might as well push for the best and simple plan and compromise eventually from that, rather than starting from a more complicated half measure.


I have noticed that Bernie keeps adding items that M4A would cover. I think it is quite possible that he is setting the bar really, really high so that a compromise will get the majority of the measure passed (as a starter).


Hell Bernie should let the people that don’t want enroll in M4A “stay” with their greedy insurance company. They would see the light after a few years of more co pays, ever rising deductibles and massive yearly premium increases and less coverage. Then they’ll scream to be let in to M4A. Some of these die hard R’s have to learn the hard way!!! Hell I know a few that would rather die than admit that an R vote was bad for their health coverage.


While I totally agree with the sentiment, M4A couldn’t work that way. For the program to be economically feasible…which it is despite what naysayers say…the entire population needs to be included. Lack of efficiency is what one the causes of spirally costs and not having everyone enrolled would negate the ability to make the program efficient. Same goes for prescription costs.

How about we just help them all move to a country that doesn’t have a M4A plan (under whatever name)? I think there are still a few left.


Yea I know but some people need to learn the hard way.


Well I guess Tulsi is in the left lane and a few more in the mainstream lane, but the upshot about where the crowd is does stand. The mainstream lane does have a few flavors though. Beto and Kamala and some others will try to poach people from the left lane.


Yes, it’s very early in the 2020 Democratic race. But we see two clear lanes emerging.

Lane No. 1: The Mainstream Lane — Biden (if he runs), Beto, Harris, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Booker and Gillibrand. You can also throw in Jay Inslee, John Hickenlooper and even Julian Castro.

These are Democrats who, ideologically and temperamentally, aren’t all that different from Barack Obama (or where Obama would be if he were running in 2020).

Lane No. 2: The Left Lane — Bernie and Warren.

These are the Dems who are running to the left of Obama (or where Obama would be in 2020).

And what stands out here is that Lane No. 1 is a lot more crowded than Lane No. 2.


It is so nice of NBC to point out that we only have two choices (maybe three if they hadn’t ignored Tulsi).



In his first Golden State events since declaring his presidential campaign, Sanders will meet fans at Waterfront Park in San Diego on Friday evening, Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon and Great Meadow Park at Fort Mason in San Francisco on Sunday, starting at 12:30 p.m.

“You’re gonna see the enthusiasm that’s there for Bernie in the Bay Area,” predicted Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Fremont, who is Sanders’ national campaign co-chair and will be among the speakers at his San Francisco rally. “And I think you’ll see him share more of his personal story in a way that he hasn’t in the past.”

That’s been a focus of Bernie 2.0 so far — more emphasis on his biography as the son of a Jewish immigrant and a young civil rights activist, instead of solely a barrage of rhetoric and policy proposals.

“He’s got a much better campaign this time,” said Khanna, who also supported Sanders during the 2016 race, when the senator had a smaller team and a more improvisational approach. “There’s a far greater diversity. It’s being run like a professional corporation… he’s got an extraordinarily well-oiled machine.”


A lot about the decision in this article.


At an emergency meeting March 21, the Democratic Socialists of America’s National Political Committee, the organization’s 18-member board, voted 11 to 4 to endorse Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in his 2020 presidential run. The endorsement followed a decision to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in new staff and resources for DSA’s 100-plus chapters.

The vote also came after a one-week advisory poll open to all dues-paying members that endorsed Sanders 3 to 1 (13,324 people, roughly a quarter of DSA’s membership, weighed in.) But it’s just one event in an ongoing internal debate about how DSA, which saw an explosion in membership after Sanders’s primary run in 2016—from 6,100 members to 56,000 today—should approach this second go-around. It is also, importantly, not binding for individual chapters.


Probably Bustos is responsible. She’s a problem.


THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL Campaign Committee warned political strategists and vendors Thursday night that if they support candidates mounting primary challenges against incumbent House Democrats, the party will cut them off from business.

The news was officially announced Friday morning, paired with a statement on the committee’s commitment to diversity in consulting — “which obviously, is just to give themselves cover,” a Democratic political consultant who learned of it Thursday told The Intercept. The consultant asked for anonymity given their relationship with the DCCC, and the party organization’s professed strategy of blacklisting firms who don’t fall in line.

To apply to become a preferred vendor in the 2020 cycle, firms must agree to a set of standards that includes agreeing not to work with anyone challenging an incumbent.

“I understand the above statement that the DCCC will not conduct business with, nor recommend to any of its targeted campaigns, any consultant that works with an opponent of a sitting Member of the House Democratic Caucus,” the form reads.

It’s no secret that the DCCC and national party leaders often interfere on behalf of preferred candidates. Or that they otherwise jump into the game too late, if they don’t completely write off newcomers who don’t meet their standards. The DCCC is known for prioritizing candidates and direct them to its own consultants, most of whom are alumni of the DCCC, which is known in Washington as a “consultant factory.” The latest move only reaffirms that reputation and sends a warning shot to grassroots and progressive consultants.

Groups working to diversify Congress say the committee has been slow to adequately address lack of representation — i.e., recruiting more women and people of color. Collective PAC, which works to elect black Democrats, sent a letter to the DCCC last year asking why the group didn’t include any black candidates in its “Red to Blue” program, which targets seats that have a promising chance to flip. They added several candidates after that, including current Reps. Lauren Underwood of Illinois and Colin Allred of Texas.

D-trip’s claims its top priority is protecting the majority, and that in order to do so, they must keep internal discord at a minimum. But as progressive candidates, organizers, and members build grassroots campaigns and prove they can hold their own, the D-trip’s old playbook is having the opposite effect.

The strategy isn’t new. Though it did bring a few more hiccups in 2018 than expected, which makes the rollout all the more puzzling. “There was never an enforcement that I’ve ever seen,” the strategist told The Intercept. “This is the first time that they are ever making it open policy.”


Talk about a dictatorship! We cannot oppose a candidate! Ridiculous. ProgressiveS Have exposed the rot and I fear for our country even more.


This kind of, ‘You WILL comply!’ thing is not democratic and makes Democrats look really bad.


Dccc is the speaker’s baby. Don’t just rant here. Rant to her https://www.speaker.gov

Rant to the dnc https://democrats.org

Work with DSA, Justice Democrat’s, whoever to help combat this.


I’m a member of the DSA, but I’ll try harder. 😉


While they try figuring out what socialism is, maybe they should spend some time learning what democracy is.


I don’t know much about Aeiramique Glass Blake, but this effort to protect incumbents will just stifle the party and not end well.


San Diego Activist Running For Congress, Challenging Rep. Juan Vargas

Q: What are the issues that matter to you most?

A: For me, criminal justice reform is huge. I worked in the mental health field in juvenile justice for a long time, and one of the things we had a huge issue with was really fighting against the racial disparities when it comes to young people, and when it comes to people of color in general. Black and brown folks are in jail way more than anyone else. When we talk about not only the criminal justice system, but how the school-to-prison pipeline contributes to mass incarceration, that hits home for me because it affects not only me, but those around me and the young people that I work with every single day. I would also say that immigration and working on immigration reform is huge for me. Not only because the community that I come from is deeply affected by it, but I know that we need to find a humane and comprehensive way to deal with immigration justice and a comprehensive reform when it comes to the border issues. So those things are heavily on my heart. I come from being raised by, not only my mother, but my grandmother, and seeing what health care in my own health issues (was like) and seeing the cost of health care and the lack of resources when it comes to women’s reproductive services and rights. Those are huge issues because they directly affect me and those I love and work with every single day. And I know that people in our community are deeply affected every single day.



Enter for your very own Bernie light! 😀 (I did, so cool!)


BS lite.jpg

Haven’t read it, but the Golan/Crimea hypocrisy stands alone.





Trump is strangling Venezuela with sanctions — and it’s not working

DEPOSING THE GOVERNMENT of Venezuela has become an urgent goal of American foreign policy. Our chosen method is economic strangulation.

As these sanctions escalate, the lives of ordinary Venezuelans become steadily worse. Food and medicine are in short supply, inflation is raging, and living standards have collapsed.

Our unfolding campaign in Venezuela, however, shows how fully this tool has become America’s preferred means of warfare. It is based on a stark calculation: if we can push enough ordinary people deeply enough into hunger, disease, and poverty, they will rebel against their leaders and give us the regime change we want. Human suffering is not a regrettable side effect of sanctions, as it is in conventional warfare. It is the goal.

By starving economies of resources and markets, sanctions throw masses of people out of work and devastate the lives of countless families. The rationale behind them is as old as the idea of besieging cities: drive people to desperation and they will ultimately do your bidding.

Our practice is to keep sanctions in place until we secure our objective, regardless of the human cost. This principle was most memorably enunciated by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright when she was asked about the death of half a million Iraqi infants and children during the 1990s, which the United Nations attributed mainly to American sanctions that prevented the importation of medicine. The purpose of those sanctions was to weaken President Saddam Hussein, and Albright famously replied, “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price — we think the price was worth it.”

Beside the moral question is the political one: do sanctions work? Evidence suggests that they do not. The two countries that the United States has sanctioned for the longest time, Cuba and Iran, have defiantly survived over generations without changing their behavior. Rather than crush the target countries, sanctions often force them to become more self-sufficient. They develop ingenious networks of licit and illicit trade. As the United States wields sanctions more widely, regimes we target have perfected the art of sanctions-busting. Making people suffer might be justifiable if it served a larger purpose. Punishing entire nations for the misdeeds of their leaders, however, often leaves behind deep-seated anger while failing to achieve its intended result.



it seems that other countries are more willing to fill the gaps now.


Seems nit picky, but this is how propaganda works—little (what I call) slides slipped in here and there.



Well, Trump did get property seized for his casinos/towers under eminent domain, so this isn’t the first time he’s been unconcerned about other people’s property.


Well, now this could be interesting. I call it Karma.

My state is not on that list. Maybe I should drop a line to the state house.

Tax Return Release Bills Could Force Trump Off The 2020 Ballot In Some States

If you thought President Donald Trump’s presence on the 2020 ballot was a given, think again. The question of Trump’s tax returns has been floating around since the 2016 presidential election, but now it could mean big things in 2020. According to The Washington Post, tax return release bills could force Trump off the 2020 ballot in some states.

But, if he wants to be on the 2020 ballot in all 50 states, he might have to rethink that. Per The Washington Post, several states, including Washington, California, New Jersey, and Hawaii, are considering legislation that would force presidential and vice presidential candidates to release their tax returns publicly in order to have their names appear on the ballot during the primaries or the general election. The Post notes that bills in other states, such as New Hampshire and Mississippi, failed earlier in the year.

Washington state has already made some initial moves to try to require the release of tax returns. On March 12, Bill 5078, which would require candidates to release five years of tax returns before they could appear on a ballot passed the state Senate, according to CBS News, and moved to the House on Tuesday,

In February, New Jersey also made moves to require the release of tax returns for anyone running for president, per The Hill. A bill which would block presidential and vice presidential candidates from appearing on the state’s ballot should they fail to release five years of tax returns at least 50 days before the 2020 general election, passed the state Senate on Feb. 21. Not only would the bill keep the names of candidates who fail to release the returns off the ballot, it would also bar the state’s electors from voting for those candidates in the electoral college system. As of March 21, the bill is at the State of Assembly to vote on. New Jersey tried to pass the bill once before in 2017, but it was vetoed by then-Gov. Chris Christie.

On the other hand, I am fully expecting Trump to call a national emergency and name himself emperor. Why else does he claim that the military has his back? (He is wrong on that, btw. Polls how the military is split 50/50 for/against Trump.)


Bashing John McCain isn’t helping him with the troops and Vets , Like him or not the mans dead, from a decency stand point he needs to let it go. But then again were talking about Trumpcorp.


I have to wonder what his obsession is with McCain. His remarks serve no purpose. Unless, he feels that even negative attention fills his overwhelming need to be at all times in the spotlight or that the remarks somehow do something for his cult.


Just to share:

One of my many graphics hobbies is learning Epic’s Unreal Engine, although I have only barely scratched the surface. I was watching Epic’s presentation at the 2019 Game Developer’s Conference and this clip was shown.

The reason I wanted to share it is because of a couple of sentences in the video: “What if our creators exist within us? Humanity has always had the potential to recognize its flaws and choose a better way.” I think this message resonates in many of us during this election season.

The name of the clip is Rebirth.


Outside of politics gaming is my biggest ‘hobby’ and I often find overlaps between the two. One of the biggest these days is in the shady practices of the giant monopolized gaming corporations that is being brought to light by independent bloggers/youtubers/etc. It creates a lot of potential for a candidate to touch base with people that they might normally never consider voting/etc and Ive long advocated here (and elsewhere) for a certain somebody’s campaign to tap into it as I have also urged them to do with indigenous communities.

Thanks for the video!


There are some days that I spend more time gaming than I do breathing. = )

So far, I like the business model of Epic UE4. They just partnered with the people who do Humble Bundle (which has donated, I think the guy said, about 145 million to charity).

From a lot of the makers of tutorials and artists I have come across on YouTube and Vimeo and in forums as well as in gaming chats, yes, there is a great untapped potential there not only for voting blocks but for getting various messages out to a diverse often unnoticed populace.


If I was smarter Id write an article on how the free to play model of Fortnite which has taken over could be compared to medicare for all. Absolutely anyone with a phone, pc, xbox, ps4, etc.. has access to Fortnite. You can play a game on a level playing field as everyone else, without having to pay the entry price of 60 dollars for a game to get into. However, if you choose to, there are cosmetic benefits you can buy that give you no advantage, its just to improve the looks of a character, etc (in the medical field akin to plastic surgery…). EPIC/Fortnite has take the world, and the gaming market by storm, causing huge loses to the corporate, milk every nickel and dime from you companies that had taken in most everything. With their game being free, they are making hundreds of millions of dollars a month still.


PS: what system do you play on? If you have a ps4, add me: Kiowa_Blade



I only play on the PC. I have thought about getting a console, but keep getting hung up on (besides the price) which one would suit me better.

There is something else that Epic has got in the works. Games that will play cross platform (like Fortnite). And Epic from what they said at the conference will be helping to port new games across the platforms so one person can be on a PC and still play with a person using a PS and so on.

More of that socialism stuff, making an equal playing field. = )


Im a PS4 person after dropping PC gaming after the decline of good real time strategy. Mostly I dont have time to do much gaming these days but I try and squeeze in a game of fortnite or two in before bed, and Im slowly working my way through Red Dead 2 and Gods of War with a backlog of stuff that is far too massive for me to likely ever complete.

I find the storytelling better than any other medium these days (film, books, comics, etc , etc) and am always amazed at how far things have come but also at the same time how underappreciated things are. I used to be one of the people who gave Robert Ebert a lot of grief about his statements that video games would never live up to film. If he could see something like The Witcher 3, Im sure he would change his mind. Or the epic philosophical thought that Nier Automatica inspires.


After Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake and such, I really didn’t have much time for playing, so had a long hiatus, but I have been back to it for about 15 years or so now. So not having many choices wasn’t an issue for me.

One of the reasons I have been with Lord of the Rings Online for so long is the story telling. It follows the books very, very closely and is monitored by the Tolkien estate. The graphics are a bit old (the game has been around for about 12 years now) and the game play is a bit uneven, but there is still a lot to recommend it.

I have Witcher 1 & 2, but haven’t really spent any time on those yet. But, yes, graphics have come a long way. The first online game I played was The Fourth Coming which had really basic graphics (or at least by the time I played it; they may have been top notch when it first came out).

The video I posted was completely done in vanilla UE4, so Ebert was soooo wrong. = )

I have been working on this thought for some time now: Don’t most games promote a socialist world view (socialist in the good sense)? Working toward a common good.


Good analogy! Look in the mirror and say “I am smart enough, and I can do this.” = )

Free = socialism or so I have heard. I have not played Fortnite yet. If you check out Epic UE4, they are giving away games like every two weeks or so.

I spend a lot of time on Lord of the Rings Online which also has a free-to-play component which I have recently converted to after subbing for about seven/eight years. There is a way to use tokens you earn through game play to “buy” new regions. You can earn cosmetic outfits through game play also.

Otherwise, my computer is chock full of really, really old games like Doom for when I need to get away from the online chatter. I am still trying to finish Diablo II with the Lord of Destruction add.

Epic’s business model includes using their engine for free until you make X amount of money on the game you create (I forget the actual amount, but it is generous.) After that they only take 12% which is very generous. When I sell my 3D models or other graphics work, the resellers I sell to takes 50% off the top.

Also, they are forming partnerships companies like Quixel, (the creator of the video) rather than joining with the corporations that are trying to gobble up the industry.


EPIC’s online store is also looking to take on the Giant that is STEAM, who charges creators 33% of revenue earned through sales for using its platform. EPIC is doing 12% here too which will help independent developers to retain more of the cut for their companies and content. They are doing things right.

CD Project Red is another company that treats its employees and customers far better than the competition. But of course.. they are based in a democratic socialist country.


Interestingly CD Projekt Red sells through Steam. One of the other items that came up at the conference is that Epic’s FREE Software Development Kit (SDK) will allow games created in other game engines (e.g., Unity) or sold by any store (e.g., Steam) to be run on the Epic’s Online Service. With the lower percentage, maybe Project will switch.

There was a brief mention at the conference about players from around the world and across games/platforms/etc being able to communicate. I see a possibility here of many people being able to replace Facebook as a means to share information. The rollout for that is scheduled for October.

At which time, I may be able to use your player name. = ) Actually, I should go set up a Fortnite acct as that is already cross-platform (and hope no one has grabbed my usual player names).

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