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HomeRegionalCaliforniaCA adds some new ways for Voters to Vote and some other big and baby steps forward (and backward) – 8 bills that passed and 2 that the Governor should have signed but vetoed instead
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Thank you for all the info, @cademocrat! Two things: For some reason, I’m not able to uprate this — when I try, I get a Facebook Login window instead (I get this if I hit the Facebook logo too). Please consider this uprated — and probably by more than me, if anyone else is having problems.

Second, I am able to check online for Napa County to see if my vote has been counted. I first did so for this summer’s primaries. Our town and the surrounding area was converted to all-mail-in ballots some years ago, though you can turn it in at the fire department, at what would otherwise have been the polling station where you would have voted.

I really appreciate your keeping us updated on voting and election issues here — they are so critical in keeping our democracy! Thank you again.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Are you in contact with Lori Grace at This is a CA based organization with a lot of people connected.

Here is the list of the major players


One of the players is Bob Fitrakis who lives here in Columbus OH.

I forwarded him your write up this morning.

Bob was active in the recount and was the attorney for Jill Stein. He was not the lead attorney in the various recount efforts.