HomeBernie SandersCA Election Update Tue 7-5-2016 – 50+ Links – DAY 28 AFTER California’s Election Day – 287,782 voters ballots not counted – 2 Election Lawsuits- w/ potential National Ramifications still alive
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Don midwest
Don midwest

Check out another stream on election fraud from caucus99percent.com

Election Fraud Story Gets Worse: Irregularities Tied to E-Voting Machine Companies that Donated to Clinton Fund


The articles by Steven D cover different sources and are more analytical.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I made a comment on C99% on the link between OH and CA

Much of the material is posted on trustvote.org when the attys from CA, Bob Fitrakis and Cliff Arnebeck were with Lori Grace in CA for meetings.

Some of this was already posted here before, but my comment has a lot in one place. In particular, Steven D recommended the HBO movie Hacking Democracy which convinced me that elections are being stolen. You might want to watch it.

And over there at C99% i mentioned this effort here focused on the CA election

Here is the link

The OH group and the RICO suit