HomeRegionalCaliforniaCA, FL, KS, NV, NC, OH, TX, USA, DNC, DOJ – Election Update FRI 7-22-2016 – Lawsuits, Arrests, Grand Juries – Issues: Vote Counting, Vote Switching, Registration Switching, Voter Suppression, AND OVER 13,000 Voters ask to JOIN Class Action Lawsuit – Links and Evidence Growing Exponentially
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Took the pledge but made a note at the bottom that it is more a show of support than a promise, but that I would take some action in some way (which is an option given).

Thanks! Once people realize that hacking machines is not CT, that changing ballots to match erroneous machines is not CT, etc., and what this does to the meaning of “democracy,” there will be a demand to change. It just has to hit critical mass, in the way that Bernie’s run let people see that they weren’t alone in their frustration.


here’s a link to the first you tube video by attorney Jared Beck, summarizing the lawsuit against DWS and the DNC. there are, I think 2 additional you tube updates.


Thank you for the roundup! Clearly, I’ve got a lot of reading and watching to do after my work today. And I’m glad they arrested someone in Nevada for falsifying voter party registration. It’s about time our democracy is defended.


What a fantastic job you are doing by keeping track of all these voter issues! Thank you for all the work you are doing. I have been listening to the Brad Show for a long time and followed all of Brad’s work with the voter machines. He is also very dedicated to this issue.