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HomeRegionalCaliforniaCA, NV, WI, TX, NC Election Updates TH 7-21-2016 – ARREST: Registration switching, Voter Suppression Lawsuit Updates, DOJ lays off 800+- election observers
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Though the Supreme Court’s Shelby ruling regarding the unconstitutionality of the coverage formula for Section 5 preclearance did not reach or speak to continued use of the coverage formula for federal observers, the Department of Justice has interpreted the Shelby decision so that it also applies to observer coverage.

Is this upside down world? Is this a Republican admin?

breathing deeply, remembering that everything happens for a reason and that i won’t change anything by getting so dam angry!


p.s. @liepardestin you likely already know that italics are on the fritz, using “em” and “i.” No hurry. hope you mouth is relaxing. :O)

Star Strider

Is this upside down world? Is this a Republican admin?




They are pulling the election monitors to more easily control the outcome in November. Notice how the MSM has given airtime to Gary Johnson and NOT to Jill Stein. Johnson will pull votes from Trump. I’ve been telling my Republican colleagues and friends that the fix is in and no one but Killary will be president. #JillNotHill #NeverHillary #NeverTrump