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I have donated to Jeff a few times already. He impressed me when he talked to he at the Dutchess County Dem fundraiser in the summer. I’m still registered in NJ so even if I do decide to vote in his district (instead of the district that Poughkeepsie is in), I wont be able to vote in the primary because of the ridiculous NY registration rules.


Beals looks good! I’m not in NY-19 but if I were he’d get my vote. I remember that this was the district that Zephyyr Teachout lost. She lost to Faso. Sorry, but somehow that makes the ugly issue of “election fraud” raise its head–at least, in my mind. Hope Beals–as well as other great candidates–have developed a way around that little (!) problem.

LD thank you for this post and for this great site. My Log-In attempt worked PERFECTLY today!! 🙂


Yay on the log in!!

(Boo on what happened to Zephyr Teachout! I was really rooting for her.)

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