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HomeIssuesPolice ReformChelsea Manning is running for Senate in Maryland
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Go Chelsea!


A stirring, straight-talking, even revolutionary (in its call-to-action) campaign ad.


Great news and I will whole heatedly support her! Sadly, some people I have admired in the past have retweeted the suggestion that its a wasted effort that will reflect badly on dems policy positions…

Even if she was to lose by 99%.. I do believe the goal is democracy.


??. As if no primary challenger would not signal the same thing. At least those issues will be addressed. Manning’s loss to Cardin would not be because of those issues.


Best of luck to our courageous woman of conscience, Chelsea Manning! She risked everything for all of us – to inform us of the ugly truth of what was going on with our tax dollars.
She’s a national hero and is much needed in the Senate!