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Thanks mags!

One could hope Jones is tapping into energy left over from the Birmingham race and expanding the model statewide.

Don midwest
Don midwest

David Dayen has been doing very good work. I subscribe to his email which comes out once or twice per week. It links to his articles and other articles as well.

This article shows how far down the rabbit hole the democratic party has fallen. They have not had a strong position on income inequality and this tax bill will make it worse. (It was under the great Obama, that OWS was targeted as a terrorist effort even before the big event in NYC that kicked it off. )

And democratic support of health care and children?

Bernie made the point about health care in the CNN “debate” a couple of days ago. One tweet I saw said why is he talking about health care, this is a tax bill.

Well, it is a destroy America even more bill.

The billionaires are so sure of themselves they are laughing at the country and following the blowhard Trump who taps into the background understanding.

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