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I believe in a true representational government, in fact I believe we have one, thats why the rich people representing rich people describes our congress to tee. Being deaf and running for office is not an easy task and I like his directness about why hes running, he would be a great representative for the deaf community which is actually substancial enough to deserve representation.

That said for all I like him I see a very uphill climb for him and I think thats why our revolution is going for another candidate with a stronger chance. I really think Bernie is putting all the pieces together for a 2020 run and given so little time they are trying to ally themselves with the best probability winners sometimes giving up on purity to do it.

Bernie has worked his whole life for improving our country and the life of its citizens and now hes no longer the amendment king quietly working in the background to get what he could in a corrupt system, hes got the nations attention with some real political clout. This is his moment where he can do the most good, much more than a couple of good sentences drowning in pages of bad, so I am sure he is running and im sure a lot of what he and his organization are doing is to get as many allies in congress as possible so if he wins hes has a nucleus to work with instead of just a handful of allies.

Nobody spends their life fighting the system practically alone and unknown for decades and then doesnt do everything they can when the stars have finally aligned in their favor. Bernie is going to lead America to save itself or die trying and I mean this in the most literal sense, I dont think its possible for him to chose otherwise, its who he is.