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The schedule:

5 p.m. Eastern: Julian Castro will be interviewed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer
5:40 p.m.: Andrew Yang who be interviewed by Blitzer
6:20 p.m.: Kamala Harris will be interviewed by CNN’s Erin Burnett
7 p.m.: Amy Klobuchar will be interviewed by Burnett
8 p.m.: Joe Biden will be interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper
8:40 p.m.: Bernie Sanders will be interviewed by Cooper
9:20 p.m.: Elizabeth Warren will be interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo
10 p.m.: Pete Buttigieg will be interviewed by Cuomo
10:40 p.m.: Beto O’Rourke will be interviewed by CNN’s Don Lemon
11:20 p.m.: Cory Booker will be interviewed by Lemon

per CNN Climate Town Hall Schedule & Live Stream: How to Watch Online


Yang: The Rainman Cometh

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang explained on Wednesday why he supports combating climate change by investing heavily in unproven technological advancements like cloud seeding.

Cloud seeding is a technology that has been around for years, but its ability to combat climate change is more speculative. The practice involves spraying chemicals into the atmosphere to make it rain or snow, a practice that could help with extreme drought.

Yang said on Wednesday that “all solutions have to be on the table.”

“We’re here together because we can this is a crisis,” Yang said. “If you were attacking on one side, you should be researching various alternatives on the other. That, to me, is just responsible management and responsible leadership.”

Yang’s website says that he, as president, would “invest in any idea that has the potential to reverse the damage done to the environment.”



Yin-Yang-Yung, this guy is a fruitcake. No experience and running a purely vanity campaign. Cripes, what a joke!


behind paywall.


You can see the clips here: https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/climate-crisis-town-hall-august-2019/index.html?adkey=bn

Just do not click on the top video as you will only gt 10 minutes of video, and I am saving that for Bernie. The others I just refresh to see the synopsis.


not sure how long this will last



Seems like that was just Biden.

he is totally not fit for office.


You can now listen to it here: (also not sure how long this will last)



Cool. except Warren is now on.





I do not have TV service, so I cannot use any of the ways this is put up.

Thanks, tho.


thanks ?



Sen. Amy Klobuchar said said that one way to get people to use less energy is to send out electric bills with a neighborhood ranking because it comes with a sense of competitive accomplishment.

I already get those where I live. And I have to laugh at them as I am always way below the average. But then I live in the dark. A reverse take on “Keeping up with the Joneses”?


Spectacularly awful idea—some people have five kids, etc. etc. What we don’t need right now in America is more competition, unless it’s how fast can we build our own factories to make the things we need to transition.


Just Hangin here till Bernie time 🙂


Bernie scheduled for 8:40. Afterward, I will go look for the Biden Blooper reel.



“I’ve never made that choice. My whole career. Simple. I mean, look, I got involved back in 1986. I introduced a climate change plan that was said to be a game changer. I’ve been involved in everything from making sure we go with back in the ’90s, everything I’ve done has been done to take on the polluters and take on those who are, in fact, decimating our environment. I mean, it’s been my career.”

I would say partially true.

Was Joe Biden a climate change pioneer in Congress? History says yes

“It’s significant insofar as Biden has been more or less on top of the issue since the mid ’80s. But let’s not stretch the intent of the bill and suggest that this was a comprehensive plan for reducing emissions or adapting to the consequences of climatic change,” he said. “It was a plan to make a plan. Which, of course, neither Reagan nor Bush ultimately did.”


in fact, history says no.


Well, he did write a bill, and it did pass, and it was 1986. The fact that the bill didn’t do anything is the bigger part of the picture. Besides, he was just trying to copy Gore who was on global warming (cc of that era) way ahead of him, along with others.

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