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HomeUncategorizedCollectively, Where Are Berniecrats Going? Can We Figure It Out Ourselves?
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Linda Thieman

I wish you good luck with your project and would be interested in learning about your results. Other than that, my knowledge is limited to a vast appreciation of your Yogi Berra quote. 🙂

Toby Ziegler
Toby Ziegler

What question are you asking here? It is unclear to me.


Speaking as an artist, I can testify my math, scientific, and statistical analysis abilities wouldn’t help much. But I’d like to read what you find out.


Good idea to get a handle on where we are going–are you thinking of starting with a poll? Then we might be able to figure out the most effective way to stay united.

Alas, my statistical and math skills died after I finished the classes, long ago and far away. :O)


While I cannot help you with math or statistics, I can point out a few places where Berniecrats are congregating.

From Essex native to lead Bernie Sanders’ political organization

He’ll [Shannon Jackson] direct a new organization focused on keeping Sanders’ “political revolution” going.

That organization, called Our Revolution, will help recruit, train and fund progressive candidates’ campaigns. Board members of Our Revolution and the education-focused Sanders Institute will include some “old hands.” But they’ll be led by several people under 30 who played integral roles on Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, said Jane Sanders, the senator’s wife and adviser who will oversee the groups.

“I think it’s important to recognize how, not just the senator, but everyone who’s been a part of this movement wants something real to come next,” he said.
Staff members and other aspects of the organizations are still being developed. But the goal is to get them up and running the next few weeks.

From Bernie Sanders Just Paved The Way For The Largest Progressive Coalition In History

That platform is now being picked up by the Progressive Independent Party, and their popularity is growing because of it. PIP has currently garnered over 40,000 followers, 15,000 signatures and a quarter-million combined social media reach weekly! Those are astonishing numbers for a grassroots party founded only four months ago without large donor funding or any mainstream media presence. Over 1,500 volunteers have already signed up all across the nation to help further PIP’s unifying cause. Large, grassroots organizations have also signed on to support PIP, including Demand Universal Health Care, Black Lives Matter, and the Justice Party with others expected to join following the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia July 25th-28th. [Emphasis in original]

And #UpToUs: