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Don midwest
Don midwest

Great article, again

By now, not surprised at NYT

Some excellent work, but need to stay close to power and money

I have spent more than 4 hours on the computer already today so I don’t have time for a thoughtful comment

Except, the genie has been let out of the bottle and the establishment will have a hard time controlling it

This article was linked in a comment to another post here

Climate Change Could Make Insurance Too Expensive for Most People
The world’s largest reinsurance firm warned that premium rises could become a pressing social issue

This article involves mostly property damage from climate change, but health is also related to climate change along with immigration, etc.

So it looks medicare for all will happen in a few years

If we don’t have a civil war before then

And that is less a probability than single payer but it is possible


Infuriating. The NYT, a supposedly decent news organization, continues to try and keep public opinion in a small, conservative box, in the name of being “realistic” or “pragmatic.” Such attempts would be laughable, if they didn’t do harm by influencing so many damned people.


And here’s the WaPo editorial board going after Bernie and M4A a few days ago. According to the Post, M4A simultaneously will be wildly expensive and willcause massive cuts in health services. Sources the deficit hawk Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and its own very unbiased Fact Checker.



Awesome. Shared on teh Tweeter.


I would like to know which pollsters keep pushing this meme. People have access to quality healthcare but they can’t afford it.


Thank you Subir! You just keep getting better and better.

But, we have a much bigger problem than just the NYT:

The Washington Post reported today that during a meeting with freshman House Democrats last night, former president Barack Obama “gently warned” attendees about “the costs associated with some liberal ideas popular in their ranks.” Though he wasn’t specific, “some people in the room took his words as a cautionary note about Medicare for All and the Green New Deal,”according to the paper:

People in the room, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the evening, said Obama’s cost warnings weren’t deficit-scolding, per se. Rather he argued that voters care about the costs associated with policies and that Democrats should be ready to answer questions about how they will pay for an idea while making big promises to constituents.

Obama gave the example of taxes: Even a liberal, he argued, could be repelled from supporting a liberal policy if it’s accompanied by a major tax cut to their own bottom line.

Here, we have a meta-version of the centrists’ refrain: “It’s a nice idea, but how will you pay for it?” Obama didn’t say that—he merely asked how Democrats to think about how they will explain to voters how they’ll pay for it. See? He’s not a “deficit scold,” as some “people in the room” told the Post. He’s just asking questions.

But he’s asking the wrong question, at least when it comes to Medicare for All. On that proposal, the question for voters isn’t how the federal government will “pay for it,” but how their individual share of their health expenditures will change. And by that measure, Medicare for All is a slam dunk.

Questions of how the government will afford things are arbitrarily applied by moderates and conservatives to oppose programs they don’t want, and never seem to apply to defense spending. But federal government and deficit questions are far removed from the lives of individual Americans; what really matters, to most of them, is their bottom line. That doesn’t mean that zero voters care about deficits or government spending, but it does mean that voters at large will be more amenable to arguments focused on their own spending. And it’s inarguable that current household spending on healthcare is at crisis level, a crisis that would be solved by Medicare for All.

There’s more at the link (Libby Watson rocks):


Those who own/control the media are obviously a huge problem, but what will we do about the centrists in the Democratic party??