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HomeIssuesIsrael-PalestineGazaCongress largely silent as close ally shoots 750 protesters, kills 17 to stifle demonstration.
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Don midwest
Don midwest

Congress and US government bought and sold by Israel Zionists.

Democracy Now segment yesterday, 4/2/18 on the goal of killing off all Palestenians

With the moral collapse of US in the world, along with declining power in a multipower world, how much longer can US continue to support the Zionists?


AS long as the legal heat stays on Netanyaboob over corruption, this nasty form of distraction will continue. Netanyaboob and FRightwingnut cabal are the same thing as the FR garbage wrecking havoc in this country. T and R, Subir!!


I saw one video of a man being shot while prostrated, with a group of other men also praying, and that was all I could handle viewing-wise.

But there are lots of other videos, shot from different angles (so those that claim that they are fake are lying). I read about one young man who had just arrived to the scene and was just watching while having a cigarette who was shot in the head (and killed) who wasn’t doing anything but standing there.

Another person, an 18 yr-old young man, was killed while running AWAY from the fence.

Bernie taking getting some grief for not condemning Israel more strongly but, other than Rep. McCollum, I haven’t heard any other U.S. politicians condemning Israel at all. It’s like their mouths are all taped shut.

My Sen. Chris Murphy so vocal about Yemen (which is good) and about Parkland shootings (properly so) but says NOTHING about Israel killing Gazans!

And, of course, nothing from Sen. Blumenthal either, or anyone else from CT for that matter, as per usual…


Thanks for posting the tweets from non-Bernie legislators decrying the massacre Subir, it’s a relief to know that not everybody in Washington is a hypocritical shitsack. The bravery of the Gaza Palestinians, probably knowing the high risk of being killed, is beyond comprehension.