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HomeAdsDavid Hildebrand’s Campaign Announcement Video vs Dianne Feinstein
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It certainly would be an improvement.


A bit more info on David Hildebrand.

California has long held the title of America’s most liberal state but does not host the most liberal politicians to match it. It is time for Senator Dianne Feinstein to pass the torch to a progressive Democrat.
In the months after the 2016 general election, David Hildebrand, a Legislative Analyst with the State of California, waited for a progressive to challenge Feinstein’s seat. Growing tired of waiting for someone to run for him, he decided to run himself.
Hildebrand took an active organizational role with the Sanders campaign for his local precinct in 2016 and on a single-payer healthcare bill, then working with the campaign of a progressive running for president of his local board of education.
At home, his platform includes battling institutional racism, investing in our country’s infrastructure and workforce on a massive scale, pushing for single-payer health care, defending our public school systems while making public universities and trade schools free, term limits in Congress, campaign finance reform, and making real efforts to halt climate change

More at the above link.