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Yo, heads up. Jill Stein will be interviewed this hour on MSNBC. (it’s now 4:19 ET).


I am now an Independent. I just switched my registration after 41 years as a Democrat. This is the only meaningful way I can see to mark my protest of the current incarnation of the Dem Party.

If the party is too stupid/corrupt to see the opportunity they had in Bernie Sanders then I don’t want to be part of them. Not to mention how in bed they are with special interests. If Bernie could raise $200 million from small donations with a message that resonated with voters, then let the Dems follow suit.

In my state – -the swing state of NC — Independents can vote in primaries. I would not have changed if I could not still vote in a Dem primary. Our local and state Dems can be pretty good and they will still get my support. The Green Party is non-existent here.

I will also likely vote to prevent Trump and certainly vote to prevent any more GOP in congress. In our current system we are only allotted a very limited choice. I will vote for the lesser of evil to prevent worsening climate change, to prevent our National Parks from being privatized, to protect Social Security and Medicare. More GOP rule means much more ground to make up. I live in a state that has been ravaged by GOP rule. They are horrible.


Thanks, grapevines!


Did anyone else see this?

I don’t know grapevines (on an edit now while I looked for further evidence), but I found this:


Why is Bernie Sanders trying to muzzle us? It’s BULLSHIT about it “damaging” the movement – just plan bullshit. Who is threatening him???? How can he be that afraid of DEMONSTRATION and civil disobedience? What the fuck is going on?????
He’s expecting us all to turn into little sheep….well, FUCK THAT!


i don’t think we’re listening. Hill has padded the room.


Caerus: Nobody is muzzling anybody. The movement is not damaged unless you believe all the vidiot nonsense. Turn off your video for awhile. It’s all crap to start with.


Don’t you consider Bernie emailing delegates telling them to stop protesting, is trying to keep them quiet? Kinda like telling Rosa Parks to just get up and “give the nice man your seat.”

Toby Ziegler
Toby Ziegler

Representative Harkin, did you know that Clinton is for 12$ an hour minimum wage while Bernie is for 15$ an hour? So how is it that you magically come to the conclusion that Clinton who favors raising the minimum wage by a very significant 3 dollars less, will be better for low wage workers?

Also: delegates start chanting “BERNIE SANDERS!” at the end of Harkin’s speech. Cue the music!


and for all life on earth… ya gotta laugh.

i just want to see the roll call for Bernie and then i’m outa here. makes me so mad.

“equal pay!” as low as you can get away with.

Toby Ziegler
Toby Ziegler

Secretary Grimes could you explain why Hillary is still in favor of our vampire healthcare system (“affordable healthcare”) and not for single payer healthcare?

It’s funny how Secretary Grimes says “let’s stand up” and elect Hillary Clinton. But then she goes into instant fearmongering about Trump.


hoping some are NOT standing up.

seeing the Bernie crowd! Here comes the roll call!


woo hoo our last time to say so, almost

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