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Detroit News version of the debate.


Grand Rapids — Democratic hopefuls Abdul El-Sayed and Shri Thanedar stayed to the political left of Gretchen Whitmer on policy but shied away from direct attacks against the establishment favorite Wednesday night in the party’s first televised gubernatorial debate.

But “we don’t agree on everything,” said Abdul El-Sayed of Shelby Township. The former Detroit health director touted his state-based Medicare-for-all proposal he wants to pay for by raising taxes on large businesses with gross receipts over $2 million a year and individuals through a graduated income tax.
El-Sayed did not name Whitmer but jabbed her over a campaign fundraiser hosted by executives at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, the state’s largest private health insurer.
“To speak the truth, you cannot be taking money from the same special interests that have bought our politics for too long,” El-Sayed said.


Guess which one is the corporate Democrat.


The Detroit Regional Chamber is backing Republican Brian Calley and Democrat Gretchen Whitmer in their respective Michigan gubernatorial primaries while throwing its support behind U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow’s bid for re-election.