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Why does it not surprise me to find that yet again there is one standard for the ‘1%’ and a completely different standard for the ‘99%’?

I hate to cut this short, but I’m in the middle of uploading TOP SECRET documents to my unsecured private email server, now that I know it’s legal.


Bad title. Read the article first. It never happened. Read the article.


rec’d for the downloading! ur ckrit is safe with me. lol


My first reaction? Why do they have to use words like Merkley being, “caught on video with $70,000 in drug money”?? Seems Incendiary.

Meanwhile, the reality:

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley helps deliver $70,000 marijuana tax payment to Salem

Haworth, an owner of Oregon’s Finest and a marijuana production operation called sofresh Farms, stuffed his tax payment, about $70,000, into a bag and drove south on Interstate 5 with the Democratic senator in the passenger’s seat.

“And so this is crazy,” Merkley says in the video. “This is from an ancient era. We’re taking cash down to Salem because you’re legally not to use our banking system.”

Marijuana’s prohibition under federal law has kept traditional banking generally off-limits to the industry, even in states where it’s legal.

Haworth tells the senator how he can’t get a credit card processing system at his two Portland stores. The company has gone through four bank accounts; each were closed once the bank realized the nature of the business.

“Do you worry about getting robbed? Here you’re traveling down the road with this enormous pile of money in a backpack,” Merkley says in the video.

“Yeah, it’s one of the few things that keeps me up at night,” Haworth says. “You lose sleep over how we’re going to protect our employees.”


Scared me there, for a second, LD! Way to go, Merkley. :O)


Holy shit LD, I about had a heart attack! Didn’t even catch the (for a cause) or watch the video, and only read the first paragraph. And then when I read that Blumenauer was in on it? My very own congresscritters? Be still my heart.

Valuable lesson learned yet again? Read the whole damn thing first (comments also help) before jumping to conclusions.

Love my Senator and Congressman.


How are these businesses able to pay their employees – in cash? What about payroll taxes to the IRS? If they have to pay monthly doesn’t that generally go through the bank?

What a freakin’ mess!