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That VICE column is priceless. I tend to think Pelosi does have something to do with it, but there were plenty of other reasons in that column that are somewhat accurate. But the number one is related to Clinton: why was he running?


I’m placing a tip jar for the diarist. One forgets we don’t have an automatic tip jar like TOP.


If Ossoff hadn’t switched positions on Medicare for All, he would have literally mopped the floor with Handel. The SC-05 race is the one that got my attention. I know that area of SC. I’ve driven through it over the years. It’s a deep red they don’t have a word for. What did the Democrat run on? He scared the crap out of the Repukes there and nationally. If that’s not a heads-up to senile Nancy P and the rest, forget them!


Not just a heads-up, but a wakeup call!


I think it’s hard to compare the vote margins in the Congressional 2016 races in these states. Some of those Dem candidates may just have been a lot better than others and ran more serious races. I think the Clinton/Trump margin actually is a better indicator because it’s the same Clinton and Trump for all the states. By that indicator, Ossoff did way worse than the other three–he actually lost by more than the 1% that Clinton did.


Thanks, Subir!