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HomeUncategorizedDiane Dimond: ‘Clinton case shows double standard’
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In a similar thought Maureen Dowd is someone who I do not have much use for. However I think she actually got this one right.


That link didn’t work as I hoped but if you read todays op-ed by Dowd it seems to hit the mark.


That link did not work as I had hoped but if you read the op-ed by Dowd you might agree that she was spot on.

Linda Thieman

This link will work if you open it in a new tab. That’s the best I can do.


Obama does not look thrilled to be there, in that photo, does he?


Thank you. It took a bit of work to be able to read that. I’m glad I did. But it was hardly surprising. Working folks know there is a double standard when it comes to crime. If you are part of the 1%, then you can do as you like, with impunity. The rest of us….not so much.


“All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

Napoléon, the Berkshire Boar from “Animal Farm” (the novel by George Orwell).


I thought this part was pretty telling:

“I am, literally, embarrassed to be a DOJ attorney,” one federal prosecutor wrote me. “I used to be so proud but not anymore.”

For days after Comey’s announcement that “no reasonable prosecutor” would take the case against Clinton to court because her intent to break the law could not be proved, my online conversations with insiders continued. All of them said the law does not require a prosecutor to prove intent, and they couldn’t figure out why Comey even mentioned that.

Several said after hearing the evidence the FBI gathered that they would be happy to take the Clinton case to court.

“I’ve held people accountable for 20 years with the full force of federal law behind me, and they stood no chance most of the time,” one career federal prosecutor wrote. “But for HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton), the rules simply do not matter. This is a devastating message to us on the front lines, a truly terrible feeling.”


Thanks Star Strider.

Dowd is correct. We live in an era of the lowest expectations. ‘I’m with not indicted (yet)!” is the new bumper sticker.

In the meantime, we have to look at her crap all over the internet, like that’s supposed to inoculate us from what we know and cannot forget.

What particularly galls me is that quite a few of the superdelegates — pledged to Hillary before a single vote was cast — are effing lobbyists. Not politicians, lobbyists! Why do they get to tell me who the democratic nominee will be?

Time to get the (barf) bag. I feel the Clinton norovirus coming on.

Hey everyone, have a wonderful Sunday morning.


Tell me, I awakened too late to anything but the tail end of MTP. Was it all about Dallas on the Sunday circuit or did they discuss at length the ramifications of the Comey presser?

Is the press doing its “move along, nothing to see here” thing?


“Possible” security breaches? How quickly we forget!! Somewhere, deep in the bowels of the system, the hacker, Guccifer, is being kept isolated and quiet, if he has not yet “committed suicide”. Guccifer DID release emails hacked from her server, including some involving Sidney Blumenthal giving advice to Hillary.

The Russians were in turn hacking Guccifer, and whatever he had, they had. Why is this swept under the rug?

As to unequal, I hope that Marine Major is successful using the “Hillary Defense” in his own case. At least he had a valid reason to do what he did.