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It is almost enough for me to join DSA. They seem to be on the correct side of most issues.



Resistance to the bill is widespread.


In recent days there have been unmistakable signs that Israel is becoming a hot potato issue inside the Democratic base, and on Saturday Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon was repeatedly put on the defensive at a town hall inside a Portland high school for his support of the Anti Israel Boycott Act, which would criminalize some forms of supporting boycott of Israel.

Wyden, who has a reputation for supporting civil rights, got flustered by hecklers and questioners. He said that he is “pummeled” by the matter and sought to assure the audience the law only applies to support for a foreign government’s boycott. “Say like the Arab League. If you’re working with foreign government, that’s essentially what we restricted in the past.”

A young person then challenged him, to applause:

“What’s the impetus behind the bill? What are the behaviors that merited this bill’s existence?”

Wyden said:

I believe the concern is that the boycott movement has grown. I happen to believe that there is a line to be drawn between protecting the rights of the individuals, that’s why I described all the things that I’ve researched that a person can do that speak to your First Amendment rights. I think that’s different than being part of a boycott with the Arab League, that’s the distinction.


I’d call him a weasel, but I really like weasels.


I’d call him a lying lackey.



The pressure to bend support towards Israel and away from the Palestinians is only going to get worse under Trump…. mostly because of his relationship to Jared Kushner and the fact that his daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism. This, however, would have also happened under Hillary Clinton if she had become President. She made it plain in an op-ed in a paper in Israel and in her speech to AIPAC that she intended to push aside Obama’s cautions about Bibi Netanyahu and go full tilt for pro-anything Israel does. All of this is tied into her religious beliefs and in the beliefs of so many Christians in this country that their faith is tied to the success of Israel. This in turn gives legitimacy to land grabbing by Israel because “God gave them that land a long time ago”.
So basically we have all this shit going on because people believe that an imaginary deity handed out real estate to “His” favorite people.
This is lunacy.