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Yea it’s one of those “no shit sherlock” moments!


I’ll repeat this from the earlier thread. The Dems do have a message: the Republicans are bad on health care.

The Hill, which is right wing, is concern trolling again. I see ads for two upstate races—NY19 for Delgado and NY22 for Brindisi—and their ads are all about health care and their incumbent opponents’ sorry record in that area.


Money talks. Despite suggestions that health care won’t be a dominant issue in the 2018 midterm elections, a new analysis reveals Democrats are spending way more money on TV ads focused on health care than on any other issue.

The Wesleyan Media Project analyzed outside groups’ spending on campaign ads over the two weeks after Labor Day — “traditionally the start of the general election campaign,” as the Wesleyan organization put it — and found Democratic groups were spending about half of their dollars on health care ads in both House and Senate races.


Under 50 vote is up. Older than 50 vote is down. That’s good


A lot of Boomer wrinkles like moi are voting on Election Day. Don’t discount us.


I like that. Boomer wrinkles. I was just thinking, even with progressives I feel like an outsider at times. Been that way all my life. I was for George McGovern at 15 when I was too young to vote. I had an enormous poster of him up in my room. My friends just shrugged it off. I’m 61. Always voted. Even when my mother was in a nursing home for 9 years I made sure she got to vote.


Here’s what my McGovern poster looked like but much bigger. Those were the days….


War heros who turn against war don’t carry much weight in this country.


Unusual that over 50 is down, as a lot go early vote due to the lines especially the 60 and over crowd during a presidential election. So must be some other factors on why unless its that simple that they are just going on the 6th this time around?


The democratic party leadership is afraid to align with progressives. They are worried about ceding power to the next generation. Nothing new about that. A good example of just how far they are willing to go was the primary race for Attorney General in New York State. They were so afraid of Zephyr Teachout that they paid for a mainstream democratic politician who represents an upstate district in the U.S. house to run for AG. This made it a three way primary race effectively splitting the votes against a candidate that was hand picked by the governor, Andrew Cuomo. (AKA Cuomo the lesser) Teachout was running on a platform of shaking up the establishment and going after wall street crooks and government corruption. The powers that be were afraid of that and spent a TON of money to make sure she did not win the primary. I will vote the green party line as much as possible this election cycle. There are a few “good” dems running in my area and I will vote for them on the working families line. Otherwise, fuck the Dems! I’m sick and tired of the establishment democratic party using dirty tricks to fight against progressive candidates.

Don midwest
Don midwest

being against Teachout shows true soul of NY democrats

maybe all democratic establishment leadership

if not all, just most of them who want to hold onto their power until hell freezes over

on a serious note:

what if,

what if the dems had taken a strong position on the environment????

now that no one can fake the results that continue to happen due to human actions..

Don midwest
Don midwest

the tragic election in Brazil

@BrunoLatourAIME 10/29/18

The deep sadness felt about by Brazilian election is not only caused by another nation following the US “out of this world”, but also because Brazil, even more than the US, is such an essential land for us, the Terrestrials, to survive & thrive. Hence the suffocation.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Edit does not seem to be working, so I will put this in a new comment

Above I have a link to Michelle Alexander’s article about reincarnation as poor

@BrunoLatourAIME 2h2 hours ago

Michelle Alexander’s piece https://nyti.ms/2Q62coB offers a powerful fable to turn attention from questions of nature to those of territory: those born in the system of production indifferent to nature could be reborn in the “system of engendering” where all life forms do count.

Don midwest
Don midwest
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