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Star Strider

As much as I agree with Snowden and applaud his courage, I would like to see his pardon delayed. The reason is that I believe she-who-must-not-be-named has both deliberately and negligently mishandled classified information with her private email server. Pardoning Snowden now would set an implicit precedent for pardoning she-who-must-not-be-named, and I would like to see her indicted, tried, convicted, and sentenced, and never pardoned or even have her sentence commuted. She should definitely ‘face the music’ herself, and the sooner, he better!

belle de jour

The vast chasm of difference between Snowden’s and Clinton’s motivations behind their actions has me crossing my fingers for part of your envisioned scenario.

(I don’t know what Snowden’s life would be like were he to be pardoned and trying to live in the US again; but, ultimately, I do hope he gets to live peaceably, and, preferably, where & with whom he chooses. People criticize Obama for a lot of things, but his administration’s handling and treatment of Snowden has been nothing shy of shameless and gutless.)

Hillary, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. I believe her intention was both criminal and traitorous, and that she should not be allowed to march around even the pampered parameters of her silly upscale, upstate suburban barn and bathroom server farm without having to step in time with the music she needs to face.

Don midwest
Don midwest

What if US never returns to a republic/democracy?

The coup d’etat continues full steam and if we agree with Chris Hedges, the Bernie movement won’t provide the necessary pressure outside the system to make the necessary changes.

It is probably too early to expect the oligarchy to admit that Edward provided an important service to our country. They are still too powerful.

For now.

And possibly even more powerful in the future.


I could see Obama pardoning Clinton faster than a blink of an eyelash if she were indicted. (Fat chance of that happening). Sorry Snowden you will not be pardoned by Obama. Don Siegelman rots in jail while banksters are free as a bird.


Unfortunately, Obama loves his self-image as a DINO “bipartisan compromiser” too much to do anything about pardoning Snowden, the man many consider a national hero for revealing the truth to the American public and to the world.

I don’t believe Snowden did anything wrong in getting the truth out to the world, so he shouldn’t have been charged with anything in the first place. [IMHO – YMMV]

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