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HomeDemocratsElizabeth WarrenElizabeth Warren visits Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, highlights poverty, housing, small farms
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Don midwest
Don midwest

Surprise. There is a way for democrats to go beyond the oligarchs.

Trump has shown the bankruptcy of our government in the face of what is needed and

Naked Truth: The Grifter-in-Chief will Leave us Bankrupt and Holding the Bag

Trump brings corruption out into the open and then doubles down to get more.

In addition he has declared war on Gaia. Who could have predicted that even science would fall before his con man tricks?


Warren is wise to do relationship building in those states. She had a good night on the CNN Town Hall in Jackson.

However, Bernie has gone to MS, AL, and TN as a civil rights activist senator.


That there’s more than one Democratic candidate willing to engage on hostile turf is a great thing.

But Warren’s moment was 2016 (when she was the best-known progressive) and she blinked. Being a company woman mattered more to her than serving the country, and that is the vital difference between her and Bernie. I don’t know if I can ever let her off the hook for that dodge.


T and R, Subir!! Always appreciated. 🙂


I like Warren and I wish there was a way for her to get more progressive traction. She’s much more progressive than most of the field.